Alpha Quang Ninh Cable Television Co.,Ltd: “Bring the World to Your Home”

11:22:43 PM | 9/2/2012

In order to achieve current successes, along with constant learning and development, the managers and employees of this company have brought a fresh wave of worldwide culture and knowledge to every home by the most modern cable television system. This is the achievement that Ms Nguyen Thuy Dung is always proud of.
As the economy and society has steadily developed, demand for information and entertainment channels has become higher and higher, especially in cities; just by staying home and watching the television on the cable system, viewers can discover the world through news and entertainment, all for a really small amount of money. This new business field only brings economic value, but also contributes to developing culture and knowledge for every people, in 2006, Alpha Quang Ninh Cable Television Limited Liability Company (Alpha) started to operate as Quang Ninh province gains further economic integration.
From its establishment until now, Alpha has been one of the pioneer enterprises in cable television in Quang Ninh province. The cable television service market has strongly developed throughout the country, and there is dynamic competition in Quang Ninh province. However, thanks to its brand and prestige built over the years, Alpha has become a supplier of the most advanced cable television services with reasonable prices, customer service policies, promotion programme of warranty and maintenance, 24 hour service with enthusiastic and thoughtful technical staff.
According to Ms Nguyen Thuy Dung, Director of Alpha, apart from many new channels appearing in Vietnam during current years, such as: analog advertisement television system, VTC digital television system, DTH digital television system, and MMDS viba television system, cable television possesses many clear advantages, for example: allowing to load many television channel and other value-added services in attachment with cable television system. Especially, cable service can provide a good signal even in rains or storms, so viewers do not need to change the antenna position, the initial instalment cost of digital television system is cheap, monthly subscription cost is low and viewers may watch more than one television in the same time. Therefore, cable television is suitable for densely populated areas, such as cities, towns and townships.
Aiming to meet viewers’ requirements, in recent years, Alpha has constantly studied to renovate technologies, recommended employees to train abroad and in big enterprises of the country, developed programme content and made them become diversified and abundant, and supplied the best transmission signal to customers, so they can be satisfied with information about culture, sport, music, etc. Alpha has also participated with other enterprises to diversify its cable services to include Internet and HDTV.
Ms Nguyen Thuy Dung, Director of Alpha, also said that as a transmission company, Alpha cable television system always tries to invest in network expansion with the purpose of transmitting television signal to remote regions, timely supplying information about culture, sport, and entertainment, and providing information, propaganda, and improving the lives of people. Currently, Alpha has implemented an investment project with the aim of supplying cable television services to 5 areas, included: Uong Bi township, Hoanh Bo suburban district, Quang Yen suburban district, Gieng Day area and Ha Khau area. Specifically, cable television has reduced the number of antennas and increased the beauty of Ha Long city and many suburban districts of the province.
Furthermore, Alpha has always gained the cooperation of provincial authorities because of its harmony of interests between enterprises and customers, which is also an important fundamental for enterprise sustainability.