Binh Thuan Striving to Become Modern Industrial - Service Province

5:03:57 PM | 9/4/2012

Binh Thuan province will celebrate the 37th liberation anniversary and the 20th establishment anniversary on April 19, 2012. Delivering a speech to a press conference introducing the Anniversary Ceremony entitled “Binh Thuan - 20 years of renovation and development,” Vice Chairman of Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Tam said: "After 20 years of construction and development, Binh Thuan province has united, strived and achieved very important results. With the diligence and creativity of the people and the acumen of provincial leaderships, Binh Thuan has risen to become a fast-growing province from a poor land.” 
Rising from difficulties
Binh Thuan province’s annualised GDP growth was 12.3 percent on average since 1992. GDP per capita reached VND26.8 million (US$1,288) in 2011, a 10-time fold increase from 1991 (US$288). Economic restructuring is on the right track. In 2011, the agricultural, forestry and fishery sectors made up 20.1 percent of the province’s GDP (compared with 69.2 percent in 1991), industry and construction sectors accounted for 34.2 percent (7.4 percent), and service sector contributed 45.7 percent (23.4 percent).
Binh Thuan has expanded dragon fruit areas to 18,600 ha area, making it the national centre of dragon fruit. The fruit, mainly for export, brings in a profit of VND120 - 140 million a year on a hectare. Notably, the province has created very effectively specialised agricultural areas like dragon fruit, rubber, rice, and livestock husbandry area. Blessed with strong wind, the province was the first in the nation to develop wind power. And, in the near future, together with thermal and hydro power, Binh Thuan will become a national power centre with an engine capacity of about 12,000 MW.
In industry, many industrial and electricity projects have been invested and gone into operation. The industrial production value rose 16.7 percent a year to on average. Especially when hydro and wind power plants started operation, the industrial production value expanded 20.9 percent annually (since 2000). In parallel with industry, export was expanded. Export turnover reached US$290 million in 2011, up 20.2 percent year on year. Export markets have been gradually expanded. To date, its exports are shipped to over 40 countries and territories around the world.
Tourism is also developing very fast. 20 years ago, Binh Thuan was almost unknown to tourists but now it is known as the capital of resorts in Vietnam. Each year, the province welcomes millions of visitors far and wide. Especially, it has attracted a lot of coastal tourism projects in Phan Thiet, La Gi, Bac Binh and Ham Tan. To date, Binh Thuan licensed 411 tourism projects with a total registered capital of VND54,719 billion, of which 150 projects have been put into operation. Tourism revenues increased 36.9 percent a year on average. In 2011, 2.8 million tourists came to the province, up 16.7 percent year on year.
Together with economic development, social and cultural activities have also made significant progress. The quality of comprehensive education is maintained; the quality of health care is boosted and controlled; the social security policy is implemented fairly well; people's living standards are uplifted; cultural, art, physical and sporting activities are promoted.
According to the Binh Thuan socioeconomic development master plan from now through 2020 approved by the Prime Minister, Binh Thuan province will strive to become a modern, dynamic industrial - service province by 2020. Modern synchronous infrastructures will be built to interconnect with the rest of the country and the world. People's living standards are constantly improved. According to the master plan, annual economic growth in the 2016 - 2020 period will be 12 - 12.8 percent on average. GDP per capital increases 1.8 -2 times from the current rate.
Introducing Binh Thuan to the world
To commemorate its historical events, provincial authorities worked out specific plans for the celebration programme entitled "Binh Thuan - 20 years of renovation and development". The province chose five key projects to kick off during this momentous time, including Khu e water supply system, Ke Ga port, Bac Xuan An residential zone - Phan Thiet City, North Phan Thiet Trade Centre, and sea dyke on Phu Quy Island. However, the construction of Ke Ga Port will be delayed at the request of the Vietnam National Coal, Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) - the investor. Vice Chairman of Binh Thuan People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Tam said: "This is the second time the construction of this project is delayed but it will be resumed no later than the end of 2012.”
Binh Thuan also chose two projects to inaugurate during this occasion, that is, first wind power plant and new Phan Thiet railway station. In addition, every department, agency, district and unit are requested to have at least one project or one activity during this celebration period. Key events will be aired live by Binh Thuan Television, Vietnam Television and other media channels. Besides, the province will host a photo exhibition on achievements of 20 years of renovation and development. It will select 20 outstanding artworks portraying Binh Thuan tourism to put out postcards in commemoration of Binh Thuan or collect music CDs about Binh Thuan. Notably, a 15-minute firework display will be carried out on the opening night.
Mr Tam said this celebration programme is a chance for provincial leaders and people to look back on Binh Thuan province history and the specific 20-year development. It is expected to create a spiritual impetus for the province to accelerate its renovation and development process in the coming years. Also, this is a good opportunity for Binh Thuan to introduce its potentials and strengths of economy, society, landscape, historical vestiges and cultural monuments to the world to open up cooperation opportunities, attract investor and tourists in the country and abroad.
Thanh Tam