PM Okays Lam Dong Development Master Plan

3:57:46 PM | 25/8/2011

 The Prime Minister has approved the overall socio-economic development plan for the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong to 2020 with the aim of shifting the local economic structure towards services. 
Under the plan, the Central Highlands Province will strive for an annual growth rate of 14.5-15% in the 2011-2020 period and GDP per capital of US$3,500-3,800 in 2020.
Lam Dong will take advantage of its potentials of climate and natural conditions to become one of the most preferred tourism destinations in Vietnam.
It will link hands with other localities to  develop tourism triangles like Da Lat (the city of Lam Dong province) - Ho Chi Minh City  - Nha Trang; Da Lat - Phan Thiet - Ho Chi Minh City; Da Lat - Vung Tau - Ho Chi Minh City; Da Lat - Dac Lak - Ho Chi Minh City.
The province hopes to lure around 6-6.5 million tourists in 2020 of which foreign guests make up 10% of the total figure.
Lam Dong will also focus on high-tech agro-forestry and fishery products.