Stabilising Water Supply and Drainage in Lam Dong

4:09:16 PM | 16/4/2011

Lam Dong Water Supply Company, formerly a State-owned entity, became a one-member limited liability company in 2005 with a registered capital of more than VND180 billion and with main business lines of producing and supplying household water, treating water, and supplying clean water for urban and industrial zones.
In addition to the aforementioned traditional businesses, the company is involved in consulting and supervising construction of water supply systems, civil and industrial works, irrigational systems, tourist resorts and eco-parks; supplying water materials and providing tourism services, etc.
At present, the company is supplying clean water to major residential areas like Da Lat City, Lien Nghia Town (Duc Trong District), Dinh Van Town (Lam Ha District) Loc Thang Town (Bao Lam District), Di Linh Town (Di Linh District) and Bao Loc City. The company is now running a daily capacity of 50,000 cubic metres. Specially, it is operating a wastewater treatment facility with a daily capacity of 7,000 cubic metres a day in Da Lat City, helping it cleanse the environmental pollution.
The company is supplying water to new localities where water supply systems are funded by the World Bank like Dran Town (Don Duong District), Bang Lang Town (Damrong District), Damri Town (DaHuoai District), DaHuoai Town (Madagui District) and Tan Ha Town (Lam Ha District), etc.
Hai Trung