VietinBank Binh Thuan - Integration and Development

4:07:30 PM | 27/5/2010

In 2009, Vietnam and Binh Thuan province in particular were hit by the financial storm. But, with a good strategy and orientation plus the collective effort of all staff, Vietinbank Binh Thuan, a unit of the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank), steadily weathered all challenges to achieve buoyant results in the past year.
Impressions in 2009
Making inroads into economically high-potential Binh Thuan province, VietinBank Binh Thuan has quickly taken advantage of local pluses to maximise its business efficiency. In 2009 the bank witnessed special success in dealing with all challenges and difficulties to meet all its targets. Notably, deposits rose 29.8 % from 2008. Carrying out the guidance of VietinBank, the branch continues to attract deposits from corporate customers, administrative units and non-productive institutions by introducing a variety of products and services, applying flexible interest rates to attract and retain customers, developing networks to accelerate capital mobilisation. The branch accounted for 12.9 % of deposit market share in Binh Thuan province. The branch’s staff always doubled their efforts to serve customers and perform corporate culture of VietinBank. Early in 2009, Vietinbank Binh Thuan launched the interest rate support programme. To date, as many as 314 customers have been offered interest subsidy for short-term loans worth VND1,226 billion and long-term loans valued at VND31 billion, mainly channelled into trading and processing industry.
Vietinbank Binh Thuan always attaches importance to developing its resources to expand services, especially card services. In 2009, the branch issued 6,482 ATM cards, accounting for 14.3 % of the card market in Binh Thuan province. The unit also activated 133 new international credit cards in the year and managed 315 international cards. The branch has arranged salary payments for 124 companies and institutions in the province in accordance with Decree 20 issued by the Prime Minister and wage-earners can get their salaries from 52 EDCs and 13 ATMs. In addition, to diversify products and services and provide better utility services for customers, Vietinbank Binh Thuan also opened securities agents to receive orders for VietinBankSC, also a member of VietinBank. Encouragingly, the branch attracted 447 investors to open accounts and trade a daily value of VND66 billion.
Sharing with the community
In 2009, apart from taking care of spiritual and material life for its employees, Vietinbank Binh Thuan also participated in charity and community-oriented programmes to support local social security. In just four years from 2006 to 2009, the branch and its employees donated more than VND600 million to charitable activities. This is also a motivation for the branch staff to reach new heights in their careers and have more opportunities to share their achievements with the disadvantaged in society. Last but not least, Vietinbank Binh Thuan staff also expect to contribute more to the cause of community development.
What Vietinbank Binh Thuan has done is bolster the faith of the customers in Vietinbank brand in Binh Thuan province - a potential land. In 2010, Vietinbank Binh Thuan determines to reach a new peak with a 30 % increase in deposits and a 25 % rise in outstanding loans over 2009. At the same time, the branch will control unsecured loans at 7 %, issue 10,000 ATM cards and 200 international credit cards and realise profit targets.
With the results in 2009 plus the determination of all the employees, VietinBank Binh Thuan strongly believes in the completion of business tasks in 2010 to contribute to the overall development of VietinBank.
Hoang Chau