Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit Brand Protected in the US

4:08:10 PM | 17/1/2012

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the patent to “Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit”, said President of the Binh Thuan province Dragon Fruit Association, Bui Dang Hung, on January 16.
The protected brand name includes the words Binh Thuan and Dragon Fruit as well as the image of the dragon fruit.
In the face of intellectual property rights disputes, the US organization’s recognition will help Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit to secure a firm foothold in this large market, protecting its prestige and US consumers’ rights, said Hung.
According to patent, the right to use the brand name belongs to individuals and organizations that grow and trade dragon fruits having a certificate of origin from the southern Vietnamese province of Binh Thuan. Producers also must ensure production conditions that meet the requirements of the brand name protection.
The current certification is valid for ten years and can be extended several times, according to US Trademark Law.