Premier Fashion - Top Brand of Ben Tre Garment Industry

8:04:04 PM | 14/7/2012

By going on the right way and applying effective methods during its process of construction and development, Premier Fashion Garment Joint Stock Company has quickly become a principal brand in the Ben Tre garment - textile industry and actively travelled with the province in the process of social and economic development.
Premier Fashion, which started operations in 2007, is an experienced producer of garments for famous brand names like Wal-Mart, JC Penny, Gap, Guess, Dollar General and Viscos. The company’s major products are knitwear, cotton clothes, jeans and other fashion products for all customers, from infants to adults. In 2010, it went public to suit the new development situation in Vietnam and further improve performance. From this significant milestone, Premier Fashion has made marvellous progress, confidently conquered many demanding markets in the world with its well-established reputation and product quality. Especially, in 2011, despite difficulties and challenges caused by global financial crisis and economic slowdown, Premier Fashion still overcame obstacles and achieved stable growth.
These firm development steps are attributed to solid leadership of the management and sound strategies. The company pays attention to upgrading technologies and production equipment, renovating management, and developing human resources towards international standards to enhance labour productivity, lower production costs, and boost competitiveness to meet technical requirements of customers, particularly in key markets. Together with investment for advanced professional machinery and equipment, Premier Fashion’s advantage is a strong experienced workforce, particularly excellent technical workers from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and market researchers from Hong Kong, the United States and Vietnam. Hence, the firm quickly captures market trends and consumer tastes and demand for a timely response.
With its efforts to withstand difficulties, improve product quality and enhance competitiveness, Premier Fashion has confirmed its leading position on the market. At present, as export remains its key business, Premier Fashion has built up a perfect reputation on international markets. To expand exportation, the company puts a premium on trade promotion, market survey and branding, and actively seeks potential customers to sign sales contracts. With those efforts, it exports to affluent markets like Mexico, the US, the UK, Australia and Germany.
Apart from the business front, Premier Fashion is also actively engaged in social security and takes special care of its employees. Being fully aware that “Workers are the property” in the company’s operations, Premier Fashion has always focused on training and improving human resources. It, at all times, creates an inspiring and safe working environment to ensure the health and performance of employees. It also applies all statutory employment policies and regularly provides support for needy workers. Its sincere care strengthens the belief and loyalty of its workers.
By promoting its achievements, Premier Fashion has worked out its long-term branding strategy. To accomplish its goals, the company will focus on developing export markets, particularly seeking new ones by accelerating trade promotion, finding new partners and stepping up branding and marketing activities.
Deputy General Director Nguyen Thai Thi Nhung said Premier Fashion will actively boost competitiveness, strengthen sustainability in the process of international economic integration. Hence, Premier Fashion has to prepare a “position” and a “force” to realise its development plans and assert its market leadership and brand name.
Han Luong