Vietcombank Quang Ngai: Leaving an Impression on Customers

10:26:48 PM | 31/7/2012

Vietcombank has been in Quang Ngai since 1999. In 13 years of development, Vietcombank Quang Ngai has played its part in accelerating the rate of socio-economic development of the province by quickly and professionally satisfying demand for capital and other financial needs of businesses and local people, which contributes to the development of Vietcombank as well as the industrialization and modernization of the province.
Helping to change economic structuring
From the early days of establishment, Vietcombank Quang Ngai has based its business decisions on the socio-economic trend of the province, which contributes to the development and shift in the local economic structuring by investing in important local industries such as food processing, forestry, fishery products processing for exportation, and the petrochemical industry. Being one of the most heavily funded banks, Vietcombank Quang Ngai has quickly left a profound impression thanks to its professional services, helping to entrench its reputation, brand and position in the banking industry.
Despite being in the midst of fierce competition from many other credit agencies, by making relentless efforts in improving customer service quality, Vietcombank Quang Ngai is improving its bottom line, expanding operating scale to see its presence all over the provinces and increasing its market share in various sectors. Especially in 2011, the branch has obtained notable achievements given the many economic difficulties and challenges that Quang Ngai is facing. The outstanding debts of Vietcombank Quang Ngai are VND6,075 billion at the end of 2011 (increasing 43 per cent compared to 2010).
The branch has accordingly achieved its top position in outstanding debts among local banks, with 29 per cent market share. Attracting a VND1,800 billion capital injection given the financial crisis is a noteworthy achievement of Vietcombank Quang Ngai employees. Along with its core business, Vietcombank Quang Ngai has also efficiently and effectively implemented and promoted the development of modern services and financial products, utilized information technology to improve its card business, transactions, fund transfer and electronic banking. By doing this, Vietcombank Quang Ngai has asserted its position and reputation among all the local commercial banks. In 2012 alone, Vietcombank is expected to grow 17 per cent compared to 2011. However, in the first five months, the Branch completed 17 per cent of the expectation.
Director Pham Thi Thuy Kieu said: “Vietcombank Quang Ngai is a young and vibrant bank, always tries to adapt to a fast-changing environment of Quang Ngai. Moreover, we always have favourable policies to collaborate and facilitate business activities with local companies. This is done in order to offer financial support for economic sectors in Quang Ngai in the long run, in the process help create momentum to improve the competitive edge of the local economy
Sharing with local community
Vietcombank Quang Ngai not only tries its best to bring itself closer to the community, but also pays special attention to social security activities and community welfare, and considers these integral in its development strategy.
Every year, the Branch takes millions of VND from its profit to help local families in need. The construction of homes has become a “trend” and leaves a profound impression on the local people. In 2011, the Branch spent VND2.3 billion supporting social causes such as visiting and delivering gifts to Ba Nam and Ba Bich communes during the traditional Tet holiday; sponsoring scholarships for poor but hard-working students; and building homes. Most recently, Vietcombank Quang Ngai sponsored more than VND1.5 billion for kindergartens in Duc Chanh commune (Mo Duc), helping local children to enjoy better learning conditions.
Besides, the branch also actively partakes and sponsors social events organized by governmental departments with a VND500-600 million per year out of the pocket expense. The meaningful social security activities that the branch was involved in has left a good impression on the local people, at the same time help promoting Vietcombank’s image in the national and international financial markets.
Trung Kien