Betrimex Devoted to Ben Tre Coconut Tree Development

4:43:07 PM | 11/9/2012

Set up in 1976 and privatised in 2006, Ben Tre Import Export Joint Stock Corporation (Betrimex) specialises in manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting coconut products and agricultural commodities, and outsourcing exports. With its continuous investment in new technologies to improve quality and diversify categories, Betrimex products have conquered famously demanding and difficult markets like Europe, America and Asia.
Betrimex’s business activities continuously expand even in this tough time of global economic downturn. The success is a result of ongoing efforts of the entire company from leaders to workers. The management board boldly restructured the company, invested in technical and technological innovations and modern equipment in order to serve production requirements and meet high market demands. Its major products like desiccated coconut, coconut shell charcoal, activated coconut charcoal, coconut coir threads, coconut coir nets, and rice increase in both quality and output.
Betrimex’s traditional export markets are Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In the first six months of 2012, the firm shipped products to 27 countries. Africa took the lead with 41.7 percent of its total exports (an increase of 40.5 percent from a year ago), followed by Asia with 37 percent (up 527.6 percent), Europe with 18.4 percent (up 52.4 percent), the Americas with 2.4 percent (up 792.2 percent), Australia with 0.5 percent (up 100 percent). Markedly, the company exported its products to 12 European countries in the reporting period.
Pro-community business
In addition to business activities, Betrimex pays special attention to environmental protection issues during its production process, from selecting raw materials to finishing products. For that reason, the company has invested in waste treatment systems for its factories in order to prevent or minimise negative impacts on the surrounding environment. Besides, the firm always strictly observes State regulations on labour safety and food safety in all production processes.
For many years, Betrimex always actively takes part in appreciation programmes and supports its employees to have better lives. An example is its coconut grower support programme. This programme helps farmers enjoy the margin of VND15 billion compared with market prices. It funded Ben Tre coconut festival and arts shows to raise funds for the blind in Ben Tre province. Its funding reached VND400 million.
Strongly withstanding hardships and challenges
2011 and early 2012 were considered a challenging time for businesses. The company actively expanded markets by joining trade promotion events and trade fairs in many countries. Its efforts were rewarded. In 2011, Betrimex successfully exceeded its business plans. Its export turnover equalled 133 percent of the full-year plan and its pre-tax profit fulfilled 102 percent of the annual plan. In the first six months of 2012, its revenues equalled 40.67 percent of the yearly plan while gross profit equalled 108.7 percent of the annual plan.
By promoting its achievements, in the coming time, Betrimex will gradually export refined products, rather than simply processed items as now. General Director Tran Van Duc said: Ben Tre coconut products have huge export potential. Betrimex will become a driving economic unit of Ben Tre province by 2015 and a multi-business conglomerate by 2020 to provide continuous contributions for the socioeconomic development of Ben Tre province and the entire country.”
Bich Thuy