Phu Yen Taking an Active Role in Improving Economic Competitiveness

9:04:41 AM | 19/10/2012

Since its establishment, the Party Committee, the authority and people of Phu Yen have taken an active role in exploiting its potential and strengths to advance the socio-economic development the Phu Yen Provincial Party Committee and people are making tireless endeavours to improve quality, efficiency and competitiveness of its economy. Below is our discussion with Mr Le Van Truc, Deputy Standing Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Committee. Quang Thuan reports.
Which economic achievement of Phu Yen in the first months of 2012 are you most impressed with? How will Phu Yen further improve its achievements in the coming time?
In the first months of 2012, despite heaps of difficulties and challenges, with the efforts made by our political system and people, the socio-economic and security-defence status of the province is relatively stable and has certain development. The GDP growth rate in the first six months of 2012 is 11.8 percent. Budget collection in the area during the first nine months reaches VND1,041.7 billion, 51.3 percent of the estimated budget collection for 2012. Industrial production index is up by 15.3 percent compared to that of the same period last year. Service sector continues to expand and has higher quality. Education and training, healthcare, culture, communications and sports all witness improvement.
In the remaining months of 2012 and the years to come, we will closely follow instructions promulgated by the Prime Minister, Ministries, Resolutions and Programmes and Plans developed by the province in directing and fulfilling set objectives. For the time being, we are focusing on implementing inflation control, macroeconomic stabilisation and social welfare insurance solutions.
What is the role of Phu Yen in the Central major economic zone? What efforts has the province been making to keep reforming and developing in order to improve its current standing?
Phu Yen has the National Road 1A and North-South railway system, National Road 25 connecting it with Gia Lai and road 645 connecting it with Dak Lak. Furthermore, the Vung Ro Seaport can receive ships of 30,000DWT and Tuy Hoa Airport is capable of receiving large airplanes. Phu Yen is the province with the most favourable conditions among South Central Coast provinces to get the railway to the West Central Highland constructed.
Phu Yen is regarded as the granary of the Central region. Forest land accounts for ¾ natural area of the province with a number of valuable and rare forest products. The coast is 189 km long, famous for tuna, lobster, blood cockle and crab. The province is also blessed with beautiful landscape and historical heritages which constitute value resources for tourism development. The infrastructure system of Phu Yen is being gradually completed. Particularly, the South Phu Yen economic zone is being constructed on an area of 20,730 ha. This will be a complex economic zone and an important momentum for development of the South Central Coast.
In the time to come, in order for effective development and to continue to prove the current position, Phu Yen will concentrate on renovating the growth model, improving quality, efficiency and aiming at sustainable development. The economic structure will continue to be shifted to enhance the effectiveness and competitiveness of enterprises and the economy.
Attention will also be paid to improving the quality of training and education so that high-quality human resources can be provided for the development of the province. Technology development and transfer will be accelerated, and applied in industry, agriculture, service and administrative management.
Phu Yen has good potential for seaport development. Vung Ro is one of the seaport complexes planned to become an international port. How has investment and exploitation of the advantages been implemented and what will be done in the future?
The coastline of Phu Yen is 189 km long, with a lot of deep and protected lagoons and bays, which is very convenient for seaport development, particularly the Vung Ro bay area. Our province made investment and put into operation Vung Ro port phase I in 2003. The volume of goods transported via the port witnesses a year-on-year increase. The amount reached 450,000 tonnes in 2011, twice as much as the designed capacity. It is forecast that the volume of goods transported via the port will reach 710,000 tonnes in 2015 and 1,250,000 tonnes in 2020.
In 2010, the Provincial People’s Committee permitted Vung Ro Port One Member Limited Company to complete procedures for upgrading and expanding the port according to the detailed plan for South Central Region port group to 2020 and orientation towards 2030 of the Prime Minister. Accordingly, the investment is divided into two phases with investment totalling VND54.5 billion. However, the province is currently concentrating on revising the investment project and scale to fit practical demand.
Does the province have plans to expand economic cooperation with other provinces and cities in the Central key economic region, as well as other localities nationwide in order to further expand and develop economic zones, industrial parks and new urban areas? 
Phu Yen is currently home to one economic zone (South Phu Yen), three industrial parks (Hoa Hiep, An Phu and Northeast Cau River) and a number of small-scale industry groups are being formed here.
During the time to come, the province will focus on development of industry and construction sectors, while enhancing quality and competitiveness. Attention will be paid to establishing industries with hi-tech content and added value. Efforts will be made to turn the construction industry into a key economic sector in economic development and the industrialisation-modernisation process.
In order to promote the advantages of Phu Yen in the Central-Central Highland region and to turn Phu Yen into a basically industrialised province by 2020, what specific action programme and spearhead does the province have?
To successfully realise our goals until 2020, the province will basically focus on three breakthrough missions, including: rapidly developing infrastructure; enhancing investment, dealing with snarls in order to create significant changes in fruitful implementation of the objective of comprehensive, effective and sustainable agricultural and rural development, while utilising the sea-related advantage; and renovating machines and equipment, establishing and developing a number of key industries.
With a view to fulfilling these three missions, in the immediate time, Phu Yen will concentrate on mobilising and using social resources effectively for the development process. Funds will be mobilised at the highest possible level; BT, BOT and PPP will be implemented for infrastructure development; and planning and compensation for site hand-over will be conducted effectively in order to ensure the schedule of projects already approved. In addition, attention will also be paid to implementing administrative procedure reform and guaranteeing openness and transparency of the investment and business environment. The most favourable conditions will be created for enterprises and investors with a desire to operate here.
Thank you very much!