Many Opportunities to Invest into Dak Lak Industrial Parks

4:02:56 PM | 19/4/2012

The year of 2011 has passed by with many difficulties due to the instable world economy; domestically the Government fought inflation with tightening monetary policies. Enterprises had to deal with many more difficulties, therefore investment promotion activities also faced more obstacles compared to earlier periods. Overcoming all these difficulties, industrial parks of Dak Lak have seen many encouraging achievements.
By now, Dak Lak has announced the planning of Hoa Phu – Buon Ma Thuot industrial park, and 11 industrial clusters. The locations of Industrial parks in Dak Lak are favourable for transportation and cargo traffic, labour is abundant and the province has a huge investment attraction. Highlights here are Hoa Phu industrial park (181 ha); handicraft industrial cluster of Buon Ma Thuot (49 ha); Tan An 1 & 2 (104.75 ha); Ea Dar industrial cluster (52 ha); and Truong Thanh industrial cluster (50ha). Moreover, the second industrial cluster of Buon Ma Thuot, Ea H’Leo industrial cluster, Krong Bong industrial cluster and others in districts with 50 ha each are being planned in detail to begin operation.
Dak Lak has so far attracted 14 investment projects into industrial parks or clusters with total investment of about VND 500 billion. Many projects have commenced construction, with huge scale and capital, namely the project producing ethyl alcohol of Japan in Hoa Phu, with total investment of US$ 82 million (about VND 1,600 billion); and 6 investment projects in Krong Buk 1 industrial cluster, out of which 3 projects have begun construction, 2 were put into operation. Dak Lak has attracted a project of investing and trading infrastructure of Krong Buk 1, and the project owned by Ngoc Hung LLC. Although construction on the infrastructure of M’Drak industrial cluster has not yet begun, it has already attracted 5 projects, out of which 3 projects are commenced.
Besides, there are many important investment projects in the province that will soon operate. For example the project of producing soluble coffee powder of Trung Nguyen Coffee LLC with productivity of 60,000 tonnes a year has been 72 percent completed; Ea Sup 3 hydropower project with capacity of 6MW is planned to start operating in the first quarter of 2012.
To achieve the above encouraging results, according to representatives of Investment Promotion Centre of Dak Lak, in 2011, the province established inter-branch groups to examine the situation of investment attraction in industrial parks and clusters; as well as observed and learned from investment promotion activities of other experienced provinces and cities such as Hue, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh.
In addition, participating in fairs and exhibitions in provinces of Phu Yen, Kon Tum, Lam Dong, Soc Trang, and Dong Thap, the Centre focused on promoting the potential and advantages of Dak Lak, introducing projects calling for investments and favourable policies for investment. Along with that, the province has also developed policies to attract investment in 2012 – 2015; building processes and regulations on investment implementations to improve the provincial investment environment, to upgrade its PCI ranking, as well as to create favourable conditions for enterprises and investors in Dak Lak province.
Orienting activities for 2012 and the following years, Dak Lak province will issue investment promotion strategies to efficiently exploit its advantages, ensuring a breakthrough for each period. Dak Lak will continue to establish inter-branch groups to promote and call for investment of corporations, companies, prestigious and brand investors such as Vietnam Rubber Corporation, Vietnam Coffee Corporation and Vietnam Chemicals Corporation.
To be more successful in attracting investment into the province, authorities responsible for investment promotion activities will actively and directly contact enterprises, foreign and domestic investors to provide information and call for investment, to consult investment plans with the aim of attracting about 50 projects, especially projects of agricultural product processing and tourism.
Tu Linh