Branding Phu Yen Ocean Tuna

4:08:04 PM | 13/9/2011

Phu Yen is a world-known cradle of ocean tuna fishing, processing and exporting. The southern central province has caught more than 5,200 tonnes of ocean tuna since the start of 2011, of which 24 - 30 percent were exported to Europe, the US and Northeast Asia. Each year, tuna export brings in over US$10 million of revenues.
Ocean tuna is defined by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as one of three key seafood exports of Vietnam alongside catfish and shrimp. In national branding programmes in 2011, the ministry has largely assisted business associations to carry out collective branding. Particularly, the ministry will also support Phu Yen province to build up the ocean tuna brand.
Nguyen Ngoc An, Vice Chairman of Phu Yen People’s Committee, said: "The province will build step-by-step and long-term plans for building up a collective brand for ocean tuna. It may take a long time to have a world-known brand of Phu Yen ocean tuna but this is an effective way to raise the value of this commodity.”
Together with Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa and Binh Dinh provinces also have developed ocean tuna fishing. If Phu Yen can build up a collective brand for ocean tuna products, it will support these localities as well.
Hong Hoa