Master Plan for South Phu Yen - North Khanh Hoa Region Approved

5:04:44 PM | 7/2/2012

A master plan till 2025 for the South Phu Yen-North Khanh Hoa region was approved by the Prime Minister in which the region will have a total area of 351, 500 hectares.
The region covers Phu Yen’s three southern districts of Song Hinh, Dong Hoa, Tay Hoa and two Khanh Hoa’s northern districts of Van Ninh and Ninh Hoa.
The region is the gateway to the southern central coastal and central highland regions and has high potential for sea-based economic development.
Under the master plan, an oil refinery and several other interdisciplinary industrial parks will be constructed in a total area of 2,682 hectares in the Southern Phu Yen industrial zone in the 2015- 2025 period.
Large- scale trade and service centers will be built in South Phu Yen and Van Phong economic zones while sub- regional urban areas including Ninh Hoa, Ninh Sim and Hai Rieng will become wholesale centers.
The region’s population is expected to hit 715- 725 thousand people by 2015, and about 840 thousand by 2025.
In addition, South Phu Yen waterworks with capacity of 125,000 cu.m per day will be constructed by 2015 to serve for the South Phu Yen economic zone.