Saigon - Phu Tho Beer JSC: An Example of Investment Attraction

5:07:49 PM | 3/1/2013

Despite only recently establishing its presence in northern provinces, 333-brand beer cans printed with the information Made in Saigon - Phu Tho Beer Company (Trung Ha Industrial Park, Phu Tho province) have rapidly spread through the market and won the trust of consumers because of premium quality. Operating in a market full of breweries and facing fierce competition as a matter of course, Sai Gon - Phu Tho Beer has managed to keep growing.
Saigon - Phu Tho Beer Company, located in the Trung Ha Industrial Park, Tam Nong district, Phu Tho province, has an initial designed capacity of 50 million litres of beer a year. Due to the impacts of global and domestic economic slowdown, the company’s brewery construction project was delayed until May 2009. Thanks to quick construction and installation of production lines and close supervision of the company’s leaders, the brewery was completed in August 2010 and commissioned in September 2010. With the investment in synchronised and modern technological lines imported from Germany and assembled by Vietnamese firms, the facility started official production in October 2010 and positively contributed to the economic restructuring of Phu Tho province.
Mr Nguyen Ngoc Chau, Director of Sai Gon - Phu Tho Beer Joint Stock Company, said the current success is largely attributed to the name of Sai Gon Alcohol, Beer and Beverage Corporation (Sabeco) in the Vietnamese market. The company received strong support from Sabeco. Apart from ensuring financial security, inputs and market, Sabeco supported the company when it built and ran the brewery. Right at the time of installing equipment, the company had a core apparatus selected by Sabeco from a number of its member breweries in the country. Selected workers had experience with beer production. The company also recruited fresh workers graduating from local schools and trained them before the production facility started operation. Hence, it encountered no major technical or personnel problems when it went into production. At present, the company has 100 employees working three shifts a day to produce strictly 333-branded beer. All inputs, packages and other elements for beer production are provided by Sabeco Corporation. All products are distributed under the instruction of Sabeco. Most 333 beer brewed by the company is canned and distributed in northern and northern central regions. He said, despite numerous difficulties in 2012, the company planned to brew 48 million litres of beer. In the first 10 months of 2012, it paid VND294 billion of taxes to the State Budget, becoming the largest taxpayer in the province, and paid average employee salaries of nearly VND3.5 million a month.
Currently the biggest difficulties for Saigon - Phu Tho Beer Joint Stock Company are the unsynchronised infrastructure inside Trung Ha Industrial Park, unfavourable traffic system and discharge of wastewater. And, frequent power cuts and power failures dramatically impact the company's production. These hardships, however affirm the sound solutions for success. This is also a testament of the company to its beer products.
Duy Binh