Phu Tho Medical College- Trusted Cradle of Training Medical Human Resource

5:10:19 PM | 3/1/2013

Formerly Vinh Phu Medical Vocational School established in 1960, it was upgraded to Phu Tho Medical College in 2005. To date, it has become a fostering cradle churning out personnel for Medical Sector of Phu Tho province and adjacent localities. “So far, almost all the provincial officials having college and lower level qualification are trained by the college” shared Mr Nguyen Xuan Thuy, Rector of the college.
Currently, the college scale is getting better and uniform. The college has received 600,000 students throughout the country including the ones from remote Ca Mau province. The college is rated as one of the education and training institutions that cover almost all the training areas in the country. In particular, college and intermediate level have seven major training areas including Medicine and Pharmacy.
Over the past years, especially in the recent five years, the lecturers contingent has gradually made progress in terms of both quality and quantity. There has witnessed an impressive growth of college staff, from 50 staff in 2000 to 200 in 2012, out of which, 60 percent having post-graduate qualification against 10 percent before 2010. In parallel, focus has been laid on the investment in college facilities. There are currently 70 practice rooms, 70 lecture rooms, 25 probationary establishments from the central level to district and communes.
In view of the common trend and the actual need of the society, the college is now in cooperation with many other colleges across the country in training staff and exchanging experience. The college also cooperates with centers, hospitals, medical establishments to increase the chance of practice for students. “We are proud of our training which has led to the delighting fact that 90 percent of graduates have jobs”, shared Mr Thuy.
Besides, the college is currently cooperating with many foreign organizations in the training and academic exchange especially training nurses for export according to international standards. Currently, the college has submitted to the Ministry of Social Welfare of Japan its plan to send 20 students to Japan for training in January and February 2013.
In addition, during the development course with certain achievements, the college needs more support especially in the autonomy in its administration and academic study which are still dependent on the general framework of the country. This dependence will make the college fail to promote the creativity of the college.
Along with the promotion of education and training, Phu Tho Medical College strives to become the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2015 so as to further meet the need of the country and society. This is the goal set by the college and it is also the affirmation delivered by the Rector of Phu Tho Medical College.
With the achievements made over the past years, Phu Tho Medical College has received many certificates of merit and medals awarded by the province and the state including Third-class Labor Order, Second-class Labor Order, First-class Labor Order, Third-class independence Medal. Notably, in 2010, the college received “Gold human resource” awarded by Ministry of Education and Training which is the recognition of the college’s contribution to the medical education and training.
In the near future, Phu Tho Medical College strives to become a training cradle to foster medical officials in not only Phu Tho province but also in the region.
Duc Long