Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage One-member Co.,Ltd: Continuously Improving Quality of Products and Services

10:08:44 AM | 11/1/2013

Along with the process of socio-economic development and urbanization, Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage One-member Limited Company has grown rapidly in terms of scale, technology and management ability. Until now the company has ensured sufficient continuous water supply in Da Lat City and nine of ten districts in the province, thanks to higher output demand.
Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage Company was formerly a state enterprise which was converted into a limited company in 2005 under the decision of the People's Committee of Lam Dong Province. It is mainly engaged in traditional fields including water production and supply, water treatment, clean water for urban life and industrial activities providing, and urban waste water collecting and treating. In addition, the company also advises the design and construction of industrial, urban life and irrigation water supply and sewerage projects.
After quite a few times of investing into and upgrading infrastructure, the company is currently holding clean water supply system in key areas such as Da Lat city, Lien Nghia commune (Duc Trong district), Dinh Van commune (Lam Ha district), Loc Thang commune (Bao Lam district), Di Linh town (Di Linh district), Bao Loc city, etc. With the production capacity of about 50,000m3 per day. Particularly in Da Lat, the company’s water treating system is located in central area with the capacity of 7,000m3 per day, contributing to reducing environmental pollution. Water quality of the company meets the standard of the Ministry of Health. Water supply is stable throughout 24 hours a day. Measurement system is in accordance with the TCVN 17-2009 standard, water meter is selected at B and C level with maximum error rate of 5 percent.
Thanks to ongoing efforts to improve the quality of water supply, and better meet the needs of the people in the area, the operation of Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage Company continued to reap success. Revenue, budget, and labor income has seen impressive results. Growth rates are higher than the previous year. Parallel to the growth target, the company made ​​a criterion in dealing with clients which respects simple procedures and transaction. Therefore, it has received great trust from its customers. Also the ISO 9001: 2000 management system applied at the company is very effective, contributing to ensure the consistency of activities in the process of production.
Deputy Director of the company, Mr Ha Ngoc Que said: "Despite several difficulties, in the coming time, we will continue to expand capacity and new investment in water supply plants based on client’s funds to fully meet the needs of water used in industrial parks and residential areas. "Specific goals and targets to 2020 including reaching the rate of water supply coverage in Da Lat and Bao Loc city of 100 percent, Lien Nghia commune (Duc Trong district) of 90 percent (120 liters per day) and in the rest of 70 percent (100 liters per day). Other target includes safe water supply services in Da Lat and Bao Loc city, stable 24 hours of water supply throughout the day in Lien Nghia commune.
Especially, Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage Company will also focus on the implementation of ongoing projects such as phase 3 of water supply system improvement project of Da Lat City with the capacity of 60,000 m3 per day (2012 -2016 period), waste water collecting and treatment project phase 2with the capacity of 7.400m3 per day (2012-2016 period). In addition, the company also pays attention to investment in technology improvement and human resource training.
Mr Que said that along with the efforts it has been making over time, Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage Limited Company is also in need of support and more attention from provincial leaders and agencies to provide long-term land lease and granting for office construction, making it convenient for transaction with customers and creating favorable conditions for employees to work in. Also Mr Que comments: "If water supply corporations wants to operate actively within the state’s regulations, the People’s Committee of the province must have specific price adjustment roadmap so that enterprises can be active in the production towards developing in a reasonable and effective manner in accordance with the objective laws of the market economy, and guaranteed to pay interest and origin capital of the investment project ".
Hoang Lam