Binh Thuan Investment Pictures with Many Bright Points

2:35:41 PM | 14/5/2013

For the past years, Binh Thuan has rapidly grown to become an attractive destination for investors, especially foreign ones. Mr Luong Van Hai, Director of the provincial Planning and Investment Department, said: “In the coming time, to strengthen effectiveness of investment attraction, the province will concentrate on creating a favourable investment environment and review regulations in compliance with administrative reform initiative of the Government, reducing difficulties of investors.” Hong Hanh reports.
Could you please tell us about detailed investment programmes and activities of Binh Thuan in the period of 2010-2012?
In the period of 2010 – 2012, province attracted 156 projects with total registered capital of VND24,216 billion, including 27 FDI projects with total investment capital of US$654 million. Capital from ODA and NGO were US$27 million. Till now, there are 1,104 domestic and foreign investment projects, with total registered capital of VND86,848 billion.
As for FDI, at the end of 2012, there were 95 FDI projects with total registered capital of USD 1,746 million, including 21 countries and territories like: the United States, France, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Main investment fields are tourism-service, industry-construction, growing and processing seafood, and agriculture - forestry.
What are main factors that make Binh Thuan an attractive investment destination?
First of all, Binh Thuan is situated in a favourable position to develop the economy, 198 km from Ho Chi Minh city, 150 km from Vung Tau city, 175 km from Da Lat city, 250 km from Nha Trang city; it is served by national highway 1A, national highway 55, national highway 28, the North-South railway, and its sea borders national maritime passage.
The province also possesses diverse natural resources with large deposits. It is one of provinces that have largest concentrated titanium deposits with high zircon content in ore; potentials for exploiting oil and gas in offshore waters and continental self of the province are quite large, with large reserves of petroleum as the Black Lion, White Lion, Brown Lion, Rubi. Moreover, with coastline of 192 km, Binh Thuan has many beautiful beaches, pristine white sand dunes, pure atmosphere; many places with charming nature are favourable conditions for tourism development.
Especially, Binh Thuan has fishing area of 52,000, one of three largest fishing grounds in Vietnam, that holds many kinds of seafood with high economic value and seafood reserves of about 220-240 thousand tonnes. There are about 1,000ha land for developing semi-intensive shrimp farming.
Along with variety of resources, provincial socio-economic infrastructure has gradually been improved. Binh Thuan is calling for investment to restore an old airport and construct a new one in Thien Nghiep commune, Phan Thiet city. Electricity supply is secured from national electricity grid; there are many hydropower projects and wind power plants that have been put into operation. Phan Thiet water plant with a capacity of 25,000 m3 a day is being upgraded and expanded to satisfy domestic demand and producing. Communication system has been improved, expanded and modernised. Banking, credit and insurance activities of domestic and foreign companies make profits in Binh Thuan, supporting investment, producing and trading, export and import. There are both public and non-public vocational schools.
Till now, Binh Thuan province has 8 industrial zones planned by the Government, of which Phan Thiet industrial zone (phase 1) is fully rented; Phan Thiet industrial zone (phase 2), industrial zones of Ham Kiem I, Ham Kiem II are invested in infrastructure; and industrial zones of Tan Duc, Son My I, Son My II, Tuy Phong are calling for investment.
Besides, the province has effectively mobilised social resources for development investment, gradually upgraded quality of infrastructure, land based transport, communication, education and training. Annually, the province prioritises an appropriate budget for infrastructure to develop production and trading such as fishing ports, harbour, roads, and water, electricity and communication systems at planned industrial zones.
Significantly, provincial investment environment has been improved towards transparency, openness, easy access to business support information. The province also highly appreciates roles and positions of entrepreneurs and enterprises; helping them deal with difficulties, improve the investment environment, and actively accompanies with enterprises and investors in the development processes.
In the coming time, to create a favourable investment environment, how will the province support domestic and foreign investors?
To create a favourable investment environment, the province will review regulations in compliance with the administrative reform initiative of the Government to ensure unity and consistency with practice, reducing difficulties for investors and avoiding legal violations. It will also enhance state management, strengthen cooperation between departments, sections, sectors of the provinces, ministries and state industries.
The province also directed departments, sectors, localities to review plans of socio-economic development, land use, construction to timely amend, supplement or propose amendment and supplementation to relevant authorities, satisfying socio-economic development demand. Resolve overlaps between plans and bottlenecks in clearance compensation; concentrate on handling with difficulties in investment processes.
Moreover, the province will also thoroughly study state policies to apply them in the province, elaborating policy schemes for specific sectors, fields and investment areas.