Nam Dinh Creating the Best Conditions for Businesses

9:47:09 AM | 3/10/2013

Despite many challenges, over the past years, Nam Dinh province has always strived to improve the investment environment, develop mechanisms and policies to attract investment, support businesses, improve transport infrastructure, construct infrastructure in industrial parks and raise investment promotion campaigns. The province also raises awareness of its authority of all levels of the role of businesses in economic and social development, thus aims to build a really friendly authority, creating the best conditions for businesses to develop.
Improving the quality of supporting services
In the target of socio-economic development in 2013, Nam Dinh province determines to use all resources and strives to keep stable economic growth in a reasonable level and improves the efficiency and sustainability of the development. The province also implements asynchronous solutions to promote production, business and industrial development, and improve the quality of services.
Accordingly, the provision of supporting services including seeking business information, consulting legal information, assisting in finding partners, promoting trade and services related to technology is paid huge attention to by the province. In the province, currently, thousands of businesses are operating. Therefore to maintain and develop business in difficult conditions due to the current economic downturn, the demand for supporting services is very large.
To improve the quality of supporting services for businesses, Nam Dinh province has instructed the Department of Trade and Industry to strengthen trade promotion and export marketing, to promote marketing and client conferences on product introduction, to support businesses to join exhibitions in the country abroad, to propaganda and advertise businesses on the websites of the sector and of the State administration. In addition, the province also implements incentive policies to attract foreign investors, invests in areas the province encourage to develop such as high-tech, mechanical engineering, energy and e-commerce applications. As reflected by enterprises in the province, in five content of business supporting services, the service related to technology and the promotion of trade of Nam Dinh has made positive changes. In 2012, with funds for local industry promotion, the province approved 89 projects and industry promotion program with a total budget of over VND6.3 billion. Among the projects is a highlighted program supporting five enterprises to improve technology to produce new products with a total budget of VND760 million. In 2013, the provincial People's Committee has approved 36 programs (in phrase 1) and extension projects which receive funding from the local industry promotion fund with a total budget of over VND2.7 billion.
Nam Dinh Trade Promotion Centre has positively played its role as a bridge between businesses and commercial counsellors and attaches in key export markets such as the EU, the US, Korea, etc., helping businesses capture market information. Moreover, the centre also supports businesses resolve trade disputes, creates opportunities for businesses to participate in trade promotion programs of national importance with the financial support of State budgets, instructs and supports businesses to organize trade fairs in districts and Nam Dinh city. In 2013, trade promotion activities continue to focus on supporting and encouraging businesses to participate in 14 exhibition fairs (11 in the country and three abroad). The centre has also organized 10 training courses on improving e-commerce applications, environmental protection in production and 6 workshop programs on trade exchanges in the country with a total budget of over VND1 billion.
Improving infrastructure, attracting investment
Currently, Nam Dinh’s industrial parks own relatively modern infrastructure system which has long-term value in the economic development not only for the province but also contributes to connect regions, key economy areas in the region and in the country. These industrial parks have raised significant capital inflows of economic sectors in the country and internationally to serve the progress of modernization and industrialization of the province, created jobs for many workers, helped to strongly shift the economic structure of the locality. In the past time, the province has issued three decisions on a number of mechanisms and policies to encourage investment, construction, industrial park’s infrastructure and production investment in industrial parks such as those on exempting land rental fee, tax, infrastructure fees and advertising costs; funding compensation for site clearance and labour training; and building wastewater treatment plants. The Provincial People's Committee also instructs related departments to carry out well functional mechanisms and relevant policies as well as propose to the Government, ministries and central agencies to timely amend or supplement the content which is no longer appropriate in order to adjust investment target in the direction of increasing quality.
In the first 6 months of 2013, the attraction of investment and production activities of businesses in industrial parks have made considerable progress, contributing to increasing revenues for local budgets. In the first 6 months of 2013, at the industrial parks in Nam Dinh province, seven investment projects are newly approved with the total registered capital of VND298 billion, 798 registered employees and total leasing land areas of 6,6 hectares. Among them are 3 projects of wood processing and services; 2 garment projects; 1 project of construction services and 1 automotive service projects. Until now, the industrial parks in the province have attracted 160 projects including 140 domestic investment projects with a total investment capital of VND8,168 billion and 20 foreign-invested projects with the total foreign registered capital of US$ 224 million. In the first 6 months of 2013, enterprises in the industrial parks have experienced stable operation. Industrial output value reached VND1,490 billion, 40 percent of the annual plan. Revenue has reached VND3,200 billion; export value US$93,2 million, of which US$ 40 billion is submitted to the state budget.