Dak Lak Book and Educational Equipment JSC: Constant Effort for Sufficient Supply of Books and Educational Equipment

4:15:12 PM | 22/10/2013

At the beginning of every new school year, bookstores and school equipment agents run by Dak Lak Book and Educational Equipment Joint Stock Company are always busy. This is a testament to the company’s efforts to spread education to children in these remote areas.
With its main functions of trading educational books, textbooks, magazines, maps, papers, stationeries and printed publications, providing school services; and producing school equipment, the company annually collaborates with the Dak Lak Department of Education and Training, district education departments, schools, agents and bookstores in the province to constantly expand distribution networks to supply books, textbooks, school equipment, professional books and school supplies for teachers and students.
As of June 2013, the company had imported many books in order to meet sufficient market demand, including textbooks, supplementary books, reference books and other books. School supplies for teachers and students such as papers, notebooks, pens, inks, laboratory instruments, printed publications and equipment are imported with a variety of forms and designs and reasonable prices.
Preparing for the new school year 2013-2014, the company continued actively distributing enough books for students and teachers. All products supplied by the company are guaranteed of good quality and reasonable price.
Mr Truong Van Hung, Director of Dak Lak Book and Educational Equipment Joint Stock Company, said, textbook is one of price-stabilised goods of the Government and there are thus not many changes. This year, the price of reprinted textbooks has no changes from the last 2012 -2013 academic year. Only a few book titles are slightly increased in prices like some books at the primary level like ethics exercise books, notebooks on natural and social sciences, singing practising books, etc. School supplies, papers and pens have no major changes in design, style and price. This year, shoulder book bags with multiple drawers have many brands like Ladora, Miti and Mr Vui are still favoured by primary, junior and senior high-school students. The price of book bags depends on the quality and material.
Along with improved quality and reputation in book and school equipment business, the company annually coordinates with the Vietnam Education Publishing House, the Department of Education and Training, educational authorities, and schools to do social responsibility and philanthropy like granting reliefs to flood victims, donating books to school libraries, presenting books and notebooks to disadvantaged students.
Hoai Van