Dak Lak Attracts Investment for Tourism Development

11:14:53 AM | 13/3/2013

Diversified tourism potential helps Dak Lak win not only attention from a lot of domestic and international investors, but also their confidence in selecting the place as a reliable destination for investment. Thanks to this, the quality of the province’s technical infrastructure has been improved, contributing to attracting tourists as well as creating a favourable environment for investors.
According to the Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Centre of Dak Lak, of 525 investment projects in Dak Lak in the period of 2009-2012, the tourism sector attracted 34 projects with a total investment capital of approximately VND5,000 billion (18/34 projects invested in tourism areas and 16/34 in tourism accommodation establishments and restaurants). Some of the projects have been put into operation, helping to generate jobs for some 2,000 labourers and increasing budget for the province. Meanwhile, some of the projects are now having procedures completed with plans to start operation in the coming time.
Dak Lak province is now focusing on calling for and attracting investment into ten projects with an estimated capital of nearly VND3,000 billion. Some typical projects include: Ha Lan Pass Eco tourist area, Upper Ea Sup Lake Eco tourist attraction, Lak Lake tourist attraction, Krong Kmar Waterfall tourist attraction, Thuy Tien Waterfall tourist attraction and Ea Kao golf course – eco tourist area.
Deputy Director of Dak Lak Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Pham Tam Thanh, said, “In order to enhance investment attraction effectiveness, Dak Lak will concentrate on making investment from State budget in priority and key regions to create a basis for stimulating local tourism development.” This issue has been identified in the Plan for tourism development of Dak Lak in the period of 2012-2015 so as to get the Master plan for tourism development of Dak Lak until 2020, and vision to 2030, initially implemented. It should be noted that the budget allocation for tourism development accounts for 0.5 percentage of total budget disbursement of the province. This amount of money is spent on improvement of infrastructure systems at tourist attractions, tourism promotional activities and HR training.
In addition, the province will also collaborate with and combine investment of different economic sectors with a view to boosting tourism development, developing traffic routes, and increasing the number of buses to tourist attractions to facilitate access.
Also according to Mr Thanh, Dak Lak’s tourism strength lies in eco and cultural tourism. As such, the province has been investing in developing of this form of tourism, ensuring harmony with its tourism potential as well as taking full advantage of collaboration for the development of Central Highlands tourist area in order to minimize overlapping of products among localities in the Central Highlands and accelerate the sustainable development of tourism in Dak Lak in particular and the Central Highlands in general in the future.
Thanh Phuc