Quang Tri Trading Co., Ltd: Solid Growth

12:46:04 PM | 22/10/2014

“Outside is cold, but inside the room is very hot” was an impressive phrase when I talked with Chairman Phan Van Sinh of Quang Tri Trading Co., Ltd when he shared the secrets behind the company’s success as well as its current state amid the volatile economic situation: enterprises must walk on their own feet. Starting off as a state business developed from Dong Ha Food Department Store, it was not until 1993 that the company was established and renamed Quang Tri Trading Limited Company. Now, the company has gained a great reputation in Quang Tri Province as well as in the national business community.
Adaptive to innovation
Going through the period of innovation and integration, the company has grown rapidly. From a commercial business unit, it has risen and expanded its fields of business and production, proactively integrating into the international economy. Thanks to the proactive and dynamic attitude toward new trends, the company has successfully expanded trade relations to countries around the world such as the USA, Japan, South Korea and some European countries. Its distribution network of domestic goods has been spreading across countries from reputable large supermarkets to stores and shops. Revenue has been increasing year on year, in 2013, it reached VND572 billion, contributing VND27.2 billion to the stage budget. Average income was VND8.7 million/person/month.
Being fully aware of the strength of provincial agriculture, the company has invested in factories processing agricultural exports, rubber, etc. These activities not only benefit the company, but also help farmers solve the agricultural output problem, generating revenues from agricultural exports for the state and the province, contributing significantly in poverty reduction in farmers and new rural construction.
Simple business philosophy
“Doing Business with the Poor” is the development target towards agriculture - rural – farmers, which is considered an investment in the future of the company. The company has contributed significantly to local socio-economic development, creating jobs for dozen of workers, especially ethnic Van Kieu and Pa Co people.
To further expand production and business activities, the company has invested in a rubber factory in Cam Lo and an agro-processing factory in Dong Ha with the goal of restoring, strengthening and developing provincial products. So far, agricultural products of the company such as Cua pepper, Hai Lang red rice, and Cam Lo chilli, have been received positive reviews from customers domestically as well as internationally.
Besides, the company also pioneered the movement of technical innovations and new technology applications, which led to continuous cost reduction. From 2007 - 2013 the company had over 250 projects of technical innovations recognized, saving more than VND10 billion/year. Many initiatives have been awarded Labour Creativity Certificates by the General Confederation of Labour, won awards at the Provincial Technical Innovation Contest, National Technical Creative Contest and received Nguyen Duc Canh award, etc.
Technology and machinery can be purchased, people cannot
With a simple business philosophy of people as the root of business, through recent years, the company has always taken interest in personal development, the inner strength of human resources. The company always takes care of the workers’ living through activities such as establishing residential buildings with free power and water supply inside plants’ premises, cafeterias serving healthy meals; organising cultural and sport exchanges as well as contests to exchange experiences, and annual holiday tours inside and outside the country to company officials. The company also coordinated with the local trade union to organize activities such as March 8 Family Meal, Sepon singing contest, Vietnam Women's Day seminar on October 20, and visiting Quang Tri cemeteries and citadel.
Parallel to that, the company has also fulfilled social responsibilities to the community, actively participating in charitable activities, gratitude funds, union shelter funds, funds of overcoming difficulties. In 2013, charity contribution of the company summed up to VND500 million. These efforts have brought officers and employees of the company honours from the central to local authorities, establishing the company as a proud, strong business of the province.