Tuyen Quang Environmental Services and Urban Management JSC: Silently Prettifying Life

3:00:09 PM | 13/3/2015

Tuyen Quang is increasingly known as a modern, green, clean and beautiful city by domestic and international friends. The honourable image is significantly contributed by daily works of Tuyen Quang Environmental Services and Urban Management Joint Stock Company.
In 2014, the company was renamed to Tuyen Quang Environmental Services and Urban Management Joint Stock Company under the Decision No. 402/QD-CT dated April 26, 2013 by the Chairman of the Tuyen Quang Provincial People's Committee. After 24 years of construction and development, the company’s scale has been expanded in both quality and quantity. Currently, its total assets are valued over VND27.136 billion and its registered capital is VND10 billion.
The today success is accrued from the close support of authorities of Tuyen Quang province and Tuyen Quang City and the cooperation of local governments. The company’s staffs work regardless of time and weather conditions.
The Board of Management has focused on improving administration and launched campaigns to encourage its employees to contribute initiatives to improve working and technical efficiency. The company always attaches much importance to improving the quality of key personnel and encouraging the public to lead a civilised life and sanitise the environment. The firm also pays attention to upgrading equipment and machines to enhance working efficiency. Its revenue increases year after year and its tax payment to the State Budget is also on the rise.
As a public utility firm where most employees are manual workers, the company has gradually raised education backgrounds to high-school graduation, standardised the service and behaviours of its employees at work. It also creates the best conditions for its senior staffs to foster their expertise and knowledge.
Since its inception, with its city-beautifying services, Tuyen Quang Environmental Services and Urban Management Joint Stock Company has received the admiration of his colleagues, the trust of partners, and particularly the people of Tuyen Quang.
Binh An

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