Petrolimex Cao Bang: Fuelling Up Local Development

11:55:26 AM | 6/4/2015

Petrolimex Cao Bang Company, a member of the Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex), is specialised in trading petroleum products, greases, LPG and other materials.
Set up 50 years ago, Petrolimex Cao Bang has always affirmed its leading role and position in industry in the province of Cao Bang. Operating in this remote mountainous border province where business expenses and transport costs are high while business efficiency is low, Petrolimex Cao Bang defines that, apart from business tasks, the company must perform good political tasks, ensuring energy security and meeting the petroleum demand for economic development, security, defence and life in Cao Bang province, under all circumstances. In 2014, the firm paid nearly VND39 billion to the State Budget, becoming one of the biggest taxpayers in the province. With its business accomplishments, Petrolimex Cao Bang has received a lot of honours from the Party and the State like First, Second and Third-class Labour Orders and certificates of merit from central and local authorities.
Currently, Petrolimex Cao Bang is running one storage warehouse, one gas trading store, and 21 pumping stations across Cao Bang province. To better serve consumer demands, utilise advantages and increase business efficiency, all business units of Petrolimex Cao Bang trade petroleum products, greases, LPG, detergents, paints and Petrolimex insurance policies. In the past years, the company’s sales have continued growing and Petrolimex Cao Bang has affirmed its brand name on the local market.
In 2012, the company successfully applied SAP-ERP software, which helps optimise the company’s resources, and advanced EGAS petrol station management software, which connects data from business units to the company and from the company to Petrolimex Group. All 140 employees have been provided with proper professional expertise for their positions. With their enthusiasm, responsibility, optimism and confidence, Petrolimex Cao Bang employees are committed to making every effort to meet increasing consumer demand.
With its responsibilities, Petrolimex Cao Bang is committed to bring customers products and services of the highest quality. The satisfaction, trust and confidence of customers is a measure of the success of the company.
Duc Binh