Kien Giang Cement: Consumer Confidence Makes Growth Engine

10:28:19 AM | 12/1/2016

With its accumulated experience, brand reputation, technical expertise, and especially its continuous efforts for better product quality, Kien Giang Cement Joint Stock Company has constantly provided the market with high and stable quality cement products and emerged to be a popular cement brand in Kien Giang province and the Mekong Delta region.
The strong growth of Kien Giang Cement brand is expressed by the company's development timeline after equitisation on January 1, 2005. From this significant milestone, business and production operations of Kien Giang Cement Joint Stock Company have steadily expanded over the years, thanks to better product quality. In 2005, the company turned out 60,000 tonnes of cement, fetched net revenue of VND70 billion, made a net profit of VND4 billion, announced a dividend rate of 14.4 per cent, and paid employees VND2.2 million a month on average. In 2009, the firm manufactured 226,000 tonnes of cement, earned net revenue of VND166 billion, made a net profit of VND7.7 billion, settled a dividend rate of 29.16 per cent, and paid employees VND4.9 million a month on average. In 2014, the cement production output increased to 324,000 tonnes, which brought in VND414 billion in revenue, VND11.7 billion in profit, dividend payout ratio of 36.39 per cent, and VND8.1 million average monthly income to employees.
Director Pham Van Ve said the current success would be very hard to achieve if the company had not built solid trust among consumers. Since it went into operation, Kien Giang Cement has supplied millions of tonnes of high-quality cement for civil and industrial construction projects in Kien Giang province and surrounding localities. The company's cement advantages lie in its high and stable quality, high viscosity smoothness, reasonable setting time, good erosion resistance, and durability in alkaline and salty environments. These cement properties are suitable for the geological and natural features in the Mekong Delta. This is also an important factor for Su Tu Thap-branded cement of Kien Giang Cement Joint Stock Company to quickly become the best choice of all construction projects in Kien Giang province and the Mekong Delta region.
To become one of leading cement brands in the Mekong Delta, Kien Giang Cement has focused intensive investment on production of Su Tu Thap-branded high-grade portland cement, type PCB 40 and PCB 30; developed brands and consumer markets; and build a strong force of enthusiastic, professional employees. In production, the company effectively applies and maintains the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and QCVN16: 2014/BXD national technical standards of the Ministry of Construction on construction materials while guaranteeing to supply high-quality products at reasonable prices. Ve said, "To compete on par with rival brands on the market, we only have a one way to go: Improving product quality and applying very good after-sale policy. We focus on studying and advancing technical innovation and improvement, and make intensive investment for upgrading equipment and technologies and synchronising cement production processes to enhance productivity and ensure stable product quality. At the same time, the company pays special attention to examining product quality. If the product is substandard or disqualified, we will remove it immediately to keep faith of customers. For that reason, our cement is at all times even and stable in colour and quality."
In business, Kien Giang Cement Joint Stock Company always actively applies reasonable pricing policies for specific periods of time, provides favourable conditions for distributors, agents and customers to purchase its cement, retails cement to local consumers to sharpen competitive edge, and pays attention to improving customer care services. With its prestige and quality guaranteed, in the past more than 11 years, Kien Giang Cement Joint Stock Company with Su Tu Thap-branded cement has spread throughout Kien Giang province and the Mekong Delta region with the absolute trust of customers.
To catch opportunities from socioeconomic development, especially the strong development of the construction industry, in 2016, Kien Giang Cement Joint Stock Company will continue to implement policies adopted by the Board of Directors on further investment for buying new equipment and technologies like packaging system, silo system and conveyor system, and upgrading production facilities to ensure stable annual output of 320,000 tonnes, thus enabling the firm to guarantee high revenue, good employment and income for workers.
Viet Hung