Hung Thuan Group Accompanying Long An in Industrialisation and Modernisation

9:25:16 AM | 23/8/2016

After more than 30 years of construction and development, Hung Thuan Group Corporation is a leading dynamic private economic group active in various industries with dozens of member companies and projects operating across the country. In Long An province alone, the group is now one of the investors with the most investment projects in the locality and has positive contributions to socioeconomic development.
From an export processing cooperative to a conglomerate
The forerunner of Hung Thuan Group was Tien Phong Export Processing Cooperative, founded in 1982 and specialised in procuring, processing, processing and exporting agricultural, aquatic and marine products. This was the first agricultural and seafood procurement, processing and export cooperative in Ho Chi Minh City.
In the late 1980s, after the doi moi (renovation) policy was launched, the so-called market economy began to develop. As a perceptive and experienced person in the market, Mr. Lam Truc Nho saw new business opportunities. To have more favourable conditions in business, in 1992, he established Thuan Hung Company specialised in trading and exporting agricultural and seafood products and importing petroleum, steel and cement. And, he was a pioneer in many business activities. He was the first to export rice, trade gold and adopt the policy of exchanging land for infrastructure that many provinces across the country are applying effectively.
In the past 30 years, despite numerous difficulties and failed attempts, he managed to spectacularly lead Hung Thuan from a small export processing cooperative to one of dynamic private economic groups with 12 subsidiaries and four associated companies engaged in various industries.
To survive in a turbulent market, the company needs a bold and smart leader, but Lam Truc Nho is always very modest in talking about his success. He said that humility and reliability is the key to success. With his trustworthiness, he always receives valuable supports from partners, companions and dedicated employees.
“In corporate governance, human resources management is the toughest. The leader must be a clear example for his subordinates to follow. I take care of both material and spiritual life of my employees. I also want to stress that the force is different from the staff. They are the company’s fellows on the long development journey. Many have worked for the company for 20 - 30 years. That is the fine corporate culture of Hung Thuan Group,” he added.
Affinity with Long An
With dozens of member companies active in various industries, Hung Thuan Group’s business presence is nationwide. Perhaps, Long An is a very special destination when the company has carried out nearly 10 investment projects here. With eight ongoing investment projects in Long An, the group is perhaps one of companies with the most investment projects the locality.
Among its projects in Long An province, the most notable project is the high-tech ecological industrial salangane farming model invested by Vina Yen Ecological Investment Joint Stock Company, a member of Hung Thuan Group. The project is in Section F, Viet Phat Industrial Park in Tan Lap commune, Thu Thua district, Long An province.
Nho has given much attention to this swiftlet farming project. He explained that Vietnam is one of a few Southeast Asian nations to have enough favourable soil and climate conditions for raising salanganes. But, not all provinces and cities can rear this type of bird. With respect to geographical position, natural conditions, climate and environment, Long An province holds the best prospects for developing high-tech ecological industrial farming of salanganes.
“In the near future, salangane farming in the form of ecological production and high technology will enable Vietnam to have the most developed salangane farming technology and the largest salangane population in the world. Then, this sector will bring in high economic value, generate good jobs for local people, and earn foreign currencies for the nation, thus helping diversify high-tech agriculture in Long An province in particular and in Vietnam at large,” said Nho.
The economic value of edible bird nest is irrefutable. Besides, because this is the first ecological industrial and high-tech salangane farming project in Long An province, it has received much care and support from people and the government.
When asked about the reason for his investment in a lot of projects in Long An, Nho said that this maybe comes from unexplainable affinity. He also lauded the good investment environment here. “After many years doing business in Long An province with many projects, I am very satisfied with the investment environment here. Long An province not only has geographical and traffic advantages, but investors are warmly welcomed and well treated.
Quoc Hung