Da Nang Customs: Target Achieved over Three Months ahead of Schedule

4:10:29 PM | 20/9/2016

The Da Nang Customs Department said over 2,300 enterprises in Da Nang City carried out electronic customs procedures, mainly foreign-invested companies, joint stock companies and domestic limited liability companies, in the first eight months of 2016. The export value reached US$1,626.5 million in eight months, down 0.96 per cent from the same period of 2015. The department collected VND2,354 billion of taxes in the January - August period, fulfilling 107 per cent of the full-year target.
Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, Deputy Director of Da Nang Customs Department, said the strong increase in tax revenue was attributed to the sharp rise in automobile imports via Da Nang Port and the revenue growth of key exports and imports.
She added that this achievement was also a result of effective business support and facilitation. The Da Nang Customs Department always took the lead in information technology application to facilitate businesses. Among 55,700 customs declaration forms submitted, electronic customs declaration forms accounted for 94.3 per cent and nearly 96 per cent of tax revenue was collected via electronic means. At the Da Nang Customs Department, when the VNACCS/VCIS automated customs clearance system and the National Single Window (NSW) mechanism were operated at seaports, companies were diffused and well trained in using them. In case of system errors caused by IT transmission lines, specialised staffs were deployed to replace and repair in a timely manner.
The department strengthened partnership and cooperation ties with the business community by organising consultations with local businesses. Da Nang customs authorities said that dialogues with enterprises helped seek out good solutions to emerging issues within the day of meeting. To fulfil export and import tax collection tasks in 2016, the Da Nang Customs Department worked out detailed action programmes and specific solutions to facilitate local trading, investment and tourism enterprises according to Customs Law 2014, Decree 08/2015/ND-CP of the Government and directive circulars.
To inform and support customs declarers and taxpayers, the department regularly directed its subordinates to publicly update and posted documents related to customs, export and import policies. The department also updated information on legal documents, professional documents, customs procedures, electronic customs procedures and commodity-support policies and replies to complaints about obstacles to businesses on its website. To date, the website has had over 5.5 million visits. This is a very good information and consultation channel for enterprises. The Da Nang Customs Department will further intensify partnership and cooperation ties with the business community by developing and implementing Customs - Business Partnership Development Plan for 2016 and reach agreement on organisation of theme-based consultations with businesses.
Le Hien