Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd Striving to Serve Production and Livelihood

4:49:29 PM | 24/7/2018

In spite of facing numerous production and business difficulties, Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd manages to excellently fulfil its assigned tasks of effectively serving local people’s livelihoods and achieving agricultural production targets, thanks to timely leadership of the Provincial People’s Committee and provincial departments; effective coordination of Party committees and local authorities; and particularly, the efforts of local labourers.

Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd currently manages and operates 17 reservoirs, 28 electric pumping stations, 30 dams and nearly 900 km of canals; waters more than 50,000 ha of agricultural land; and drains water and prevents flooding for more than 100,000 ha of agricultural land, supply water for aquaculture, people’s livelihoods and industrial production in 13 districts and cities of Quang Nam province and three agricultural production service cooperatives of Da Nang City.

Mr Nguyen Dinh Hai, Director of Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd, said, in agricultural production, irrigation is the most important work, but it depends heavily on the weather. Due to climate change, the weather is very complex and extreme. In addition, policies on irrigation and business operations are frequently changed, adjusted and supplemented but shortcomings remain, resulting in a lot of difficulties for Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd. However, with the support of authorities and agencies at all levels and all sectors plus high determination and effort of the leadership and the staff, the company has overcome hardships and accomplished its tasks.

With good investment, maintenance and repairing, Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd has promoted the effective performance of irrigation, crop watering, drought fighting and salinity intrusion prevention to ensure water supply for production and livelihoods. In 2017, thanks to concentrated investment for repairing, upgrading, reinforcing, maintaining and particularly operating irrigation systems, the company ensured water supply for more than 50,426 ha of agricultural land in many localities, 58 ha more than the plan, withstood drought, salinity and flooding that affected production and people's life. The company made revenue of over VND65 billion (US$3 million), of which irrigation fee was over VND47 billion.

Director Hai said, since its inception, the primary goals of Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd are serving public economic activities and people’s livelihoods according to political tasks assigned by the province. Development criteria are good service for agriculture and industry in the province; the company’s products and services show their value in society, promote the performance of served works, and meet agricultural production needs. With the above working principles plus the shrewdness of the leadership and the effort of all employees, Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd has always carried out its plans assigned by the province, fulfilled tax and fee payment criteria in a timely manner, and ensured safe water supply for production and livelihoods in the past years. Especially, the firm has paid much attention to improving the quality of material and spiritual life and working conditions for employees.

Being an economic unit serving important services for agricultural production, industry and livelihood, the top objectives of Quang Nam Exploitation of Hydraulic Works Co., Ltd in the coming time will be boosting its operational capacity, and reaffirming its roles and tasks in administering and operating irrigation works in the province. In 2018, the company focuses on irrigation and drainage for agricultural production, and water supply for industry and livelihoods; ensures the safety of the whole irrigation system; strives to cover the watering area of over 50,400 ha; and endeavours to earn revenue of about VND60 billion. The company has also paid attention to improving the life quality of employees because they are always a valuable property and a development foundation for the company now and in the future as well.

Cong Luan