Da Nang Social Security Boosting ID Application to Administrative Affairs

10:42:20 AM | 13/5/2019

Da Nang Social Security has focused on directing and implementing administrative procedure reform. In 2019, with many information technology applications deployed in this field, the branch expects to further improve social insurance quality and serve more health and social insurance policyholders.

Mr. Dinh Van Hiep, Director of Da Nang Social Security, said, being aware that administrative procedure reform is a key task, Da Nang Social Security always strictly adheres to regulations on receipt, transfer, settlement and delivery of administrative procedures in the single-window mechanism, and deals with belated procedures. Therefore, in 2018, Da Nang Social Security settled all administrative procedures in time.

Da Nang Social Security also strengthens electronic transactions in all fields of work, with premium collection records and insurance cards reaching 99.45%. The branch further facilitates postal service-based transactions to reduce service time and save costs for employers.

In 2019, Da Nang Social Security will continue to deploy many information technology services and applications to administrative procedures. Specifically, the branch has launched the messaging service so as to inform insurance policyholders of deadlines for health insurance policy renewal, deadlines for voluntary social insurance payment, and new social insurance and health insurance policies.

From April 1, 2019, Da Nang Social Security launched an online service for registering appointments for administrative procedures through its website (http://bhxhdanang.gov.vn) and telephone (0236.1022). The system will deliver instructions and appointment details to customers and send SMS messages to their mobile phones to make administrative procedure settlement simpler, quicker and more convenient.

Besides, in 2019, Da Nang Social Security continued to pay social insurance to bank accounts of personal beneficiaries, particularly payments for sickness, maternity, health rehabilitation and unemployment benefits. By the end of 2018, nearly 100% of workers received sickness, maternity or health rehabilitation benefits through bank accounts and 60% of the insured received unemployment benefits through this method. In 2019, the branch strives to increase these rates to 100% to provide more favorable conditions for social insurance and health insurance participants and help prevent social insurance abuse.