Kon Tum City: Growth Driver of Socio-economic Development

2:27:26 PM | 22/5/2019

After 10 years of development, Kon Tum city has reaped many important achievements, creating an urban model, becoming a political and economic, cultural and social center and one of three economic growth drivers of Kon Tum province.

Leaving behind the hardships and shortcomings, after 10 years, Kon Tum city has made strong progress with a new face, new strength and power. Economic development of the city has maintained a good growth rate (15.97%/year in the period of 2009-2010; 17.19%/year in 2011-2015, 18.96%/year in 2016-2018). State budget revenue has increased over the years (budget revenue was more than VND480 billion in 2009, VND1,265 billion in 2015, and over VND1,770 billion in 2018).

The economic structure has shifted in the right direction, gradually increasing the proportion of industry - construction and trade - services, and gradually reducing the proportion of agriculture - forestry - fisheries. Industry - construction has continued to expand with the average growth rate reaching 18.6% / year. Currently, the city has two industrial parks and four industrial complexes, creating jobs and increasing income for workers. Trade - services have achieved an average growth rate of 18.63%/year. Tourism has established a number of tourist routes, tapping the potential of eco-tourism. Agriculture has enjoyed the average growth rate of 11.33%/year.

Up to now, besides Hoa Binh Industrial Park, in the city, there are 39 investment projects with total registered capital of VND3,473,890 million; in which 27 projects have come into operation effectively. Some investors that have strong financial capacity such as Vingroup and FLC have come to survey and explore investment opportunities in the city. ​​Kon Tum city’s urban area is gradually expanded. The electricity grid has covered the whole city. All households have access to electricity; over 97.5% of households use clean water. The school system, teaching and learning equipment is increasingly standardized, basically meeting the requirements.

Along with economic development, the socio-cultural sectors have made progress, social security has been ensured; models and programs of sustainable poverty reduction have been effectively implemented, people's life has been improved, income per capita has continuously increased over the years.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dieu, Chairman of Kon Tum City People's Committee, currently Kon Tum City is a political, economic, cultural and social center and one of three motive economic regions of Kon Tum province. It has a favorable geographical position, potential, strengths in natural resources, natural landscapes and cultural identities of ethnic groups. To further promote the potential and advantages of the locality, in the coming time, the city will focus on developing urban infrastructure and new urban areas in combination with services; promote investment in developing industrial clusters, urban centers and services; agricultural development will go deep in the direction of commodity production and high-tech application in association with the development of processing industry and consumer market, creating a brand - a key product of the city; and tourism development becomes a key economic sector.

In 2019, Kon Tum city is determined to successfully implement the proposed socio-economic targets and objectives. Mr. Dieu said 2019 is the fourth year to implement the Resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Congress and Resolution of the 11th Party Congress of Kon Tum City. The successful implementation of the targets set out for the year has very important meaning, creating a firm premise for the following years, contributing to the successful implementation of the Resolution of the Party Congress at all levels; creating a solid foundation for the city to officially become a Class II city by 2020 according to the Resolution of the 15th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Committee.

Cong Luan