Van Phu - Invest Inheriting and Promoting Indigenous Culture

10:03:40 AM | 24/6/2019

As a strategic partner selected by Thua Thien Hue province and one of a few units selected by the provincial government to plan ​​Tam Giang - Cau Hai Lagoon and make a regional planning from Thuan An Town to Vinh Thanh Commune, Van Phu - Invest is committed to preserving local culture and retaining the most important historical conditions when investing in the province.

Thua Thien Hue: Courting investors with heritage potential

With its own advantages, Hue City, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, is home to five world-recognized cultural heritages, namely the Complex of Hue Monuments, Hue Royal Court Music, Nguyen Dynasty Woodblocks, Imperial Documents of Nguyen Dynasty, and Letters and Poems in Chinese on Hue royal architecture.

Thua Thien Hue leaders and President of Van Phu - Invest at the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement

Recently, Hue and eight provinces and cities became the owners of a new heritage recognized by UNESCO - bai choi signing art. Hue has the famous and poetic Perfume River, Bach Ma National Park, Lang Co Bay - voted as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, culinary culture, and Tam Giang - Cau Hai Lagoon. This is an ideal place for vacation property development that not all localities have.

According to experts, Thua Thien - Hue has all necessary elements and conditions for tourism development. What Thua Thien Hue needs now is a master plan that does not harm cultural identity, heritage values, and best promote available local potential.

With 16 years of ongoing efforts, Van Phu - Invest is determined to be a dedicated real estate developer to create livable values and attests this with projects imbued with its credibility, quality, design and schedule as committed.

Sparing no effort to explore investment opportunities in Hue, Mr. To Nhu Toan, President and CEO of Van Phu - Invest, assessed, Thua Thien - Hue province holds a special advantage when it lies on the East - West Economic Corridor and is a cultural and tourist center of central Vietnam and the whole country. This place is home to hundreds of unique artworks and famous landscapes, bearing vivid imprints of the last feudal reign in Vietnam. In particular, the province’s master plan has not been broken and matched the company’s conservation and development orientation.

He added, “With the desire to preserve and promote local cultural identity, leaders of Thua Thien - Hue always uphold the issue of preserving cultural and historical values of the former capital when they contact and meet investors. Therefore, when studying its investment here, Van Phu - Invest is not only committed to quality and progress but also attributed special attention to preserving and promoting the value of each region and each heritage and always insisting in the viewpoint of protecting the environment, creating a friendly living space with nature”.

Strategic vision in urban planning and development

Currently, Thua Thien - Hue province is focusing on speeding up urban development, particularly driving urban areas such as An Van Duong and Chan May, expanding boundaries of central areas for property development, forming new urban areas, and promoting high-class tourism and service development.

As a strategic investor of Thua Thien - Hue, sharing the same viewpoint of sustainable development and cultural heritage conservation, Van Phu - Invest proposed researching and developing a comprehensive strategic plan for 83,000-ha Tam Giang - Cau Hai area; the plan for a 10,000-ha area from Thuan An Town to Vinh Thanh Commune; and the adjusted plan for D Section in 450-ha An Van Duong Township.

By the end of 2018, Van Phu - Invest has 15 members and associated companies with a combined market capitalization value of VND6,760 billion. Van Phu Invest has received many awards, certificates of merit from the Government, ministries and cities of Hanoi, including the international award, BCI ASIA TOP 10, for 10 real estate developers in each region in Asia, and the award for Top 10 real estate developers in Vietnam.

Van Phu Invest also attaches great importance to the quality of strategic planning. It invited top-notch lagoon professors from Belgium to design the planning for Tam Giang Lagoon area as an 83,000-ha natural biosphere area. For Loc Binh Project, Van Phu - Invest invited WATG - a famous U.S. consulting company - to plan a resort that combines leisure services with world-class entertainment and sport services. Loc Binh project carries a unique and charming style to bring different experiences in an attractive, friendly nature. WATG experts said, for Loc Binh, we are preserving inherent values ​​endowed by nature to create a totally different place for revitalizing health with the focus on tranquility and spiritual simplicity. When carrying out this project, we totally agree with the investor's opinion that it must be in the midst of the existing wildness of this land because there is nothing more valuable when creating the project in a beautiful nature landscape like Loc Binh. People will come to this product of Van Phu - Invest, eager to find a peaceful hideaway close to nature to get rid of daily tensions and tiredness and revitalize energy. The distinction and class will come from health-boosting processes and a blend of natural therapies and scientific and technological applications in the world.

CEO Toan said, Loc Binh and Van Phu projects are among many projects in Hue. But, for Loc Binh Project, Van Phu - Invest believes that it will help develop Hue with its professional and devoted manner. “Our dedication is expressed by meticulous research of customs, practices and habits of indigenous people in every project that Van Phu Invest invests in. Preserving cultural values ​​and beautiful nature in Hue is our top goal. Not only in Hue, Van Phu Invest will also develop urban areas in association with protecting indigenous cultural values in the best manner,” he affirmed.

Mr. To Nhu Toan, President and CEO of Van Phu - Invest:

After surveying Tam Giang Lagoon and other areas of the province, I gave many opinions to Thua Thien - Hue leaders on development planning and overall strategy for this place. They might have seen our common grounds in thinking and vision of development strategies. When we met them, we always thought that, with the pristine Tam Giang Lagoon, we should build a master plan, with strict but reasonable management regulations to tap the potential and advantages here while still preserving what nature endows on it, as well as core cultural and historical values of Hue.