Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd Fostering Technological Prowess

2:57:35 PM | 30/10/2019

Promoting technological advantages and good local business environment has helped Taixin Printing Vina to make long-term development steps over the years. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine had an interview with Mr. Hwang Sun Gi, Director of Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd, about the company’s development. Ngo San reports.

Could you please briefly introduce the development process of Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd?

Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd was established in 2009 to serve two partners, namely Orion Vietnam Company and Samsung Vietnam Company (SEV). In 2011, the company opened the second factory, covering 81,400 square meters, and became a supplier for Samsung Vacuum Cleaners Company (VC). In 2013, Taixin Printing Vina became a supplier for Dorco Vietnam and Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen Co., Ltd. (SEVT).

Could you please tell us about the remarkable successes of Taixin Printing Vina in 10 years of operation?

Over the past 10 years, we have invested to scale up Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd three times. Thus, its profit has also increased year after year. In 2018, it reached US$54,955,257.00, an increase of 37% over 2015. Given the current growth rate, our output will be 15% more than the current capacity by 2020.

In 2019, Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd marked 10 years of its development. We are proud of utilizing our technological advantages and human resources to constantly affirm our brand position with Vietnamese consumers.

What helped Taixin Printing Vina to achieve such success?

We are a brand from South Korea. We have very good scientific and technical background and our factories in Vietnam are also invested on that technology platform. The technology platform helps us create high quality products, thereby creating trust, affection and support of consumers.

We also always strive to improve product quality, research and develop new product lines of high quality and safety. We always place customer satisfaction standards on top, above revenue and profit goals.

Diligent and creative Vietnamese workers have also greatly contributed to our company’s development.

Thank you very much!