Accelerating Digital Transformation to Catch Industry 4.0

10:21:07 AM | 3/7/2020

Supporting the province’s industrialization and modernization process, the information and communication sector of Kien Giang province has constantly grown in all aspects. At present, information and communication technology (ICT) has engaged every place and every aspect of life to become a key tool to develop many socioeconomic branches.

More and more people have easy access to information. Telecom networks and smartphones are popular from urban to rural areas. E-commerce is very active. Information technology supports local production and business activities. Particularly, the sector has played an important role in administrative reform and modernization, e-government construction and smart city development. Specifically, the electronic information portal ( was synchronously established with one main portal and 51 component portals interconnected with the Online Public Service Portal to publicize administrative procedures and the settlement progress of administrative procedures.

Online public services are delivered at the Provincial Online Public Service Portal ( All administrative procedures are delivered online, including 1,475 online public services of Level 1 and Level 2; 409 online public services of Level 3; and 310 online public services of Level 4. In order to support people and businesses to use the Online Public Services Portal, the province signed a cooperation agreement with the Vietnam Post Corporation to receive and deliver administrative procedures through public postal services; and cooperated with Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank) to build an online payment gateway. Currently, the portal is already connected with the National Public Service Portal. The information technology application at the single-window division responsible for receiving and settling administrative procedures is increasingly a focus for local agencies. Authorities at all levels are using the electronic single-window software system to receive and process administrative procedures and deliver settlement results.

Settlement results are publicized and checked by many means: Messaging service, electronic information portal, online public service portal and information kiosk. Especially, the province successfully launched the Kien Giang administrative procedure result application for mobile devices to enable people, businesses and authorities to easily control and look up the settlement progress of administrative procedures delivered by authorities. By the end of 2019, the provincial electronic single-window system received and processed 73,502 records (including 3,972 records at Level 3 and 5,991 records at Level 4). The workflow management system has been applied to local authorities at all levels to enhance the effect of sending and receiving electronic documents from provincial to commune levels. To date, the software has been installed at all agencies at all levels of authority.

The application of digital signatures has been more widely applied to use. The province completed integrating digital signatures into document management software and workflow and into the Provincial Online Public Service Portal. Digital signatures are being piloted on mobile devices. In addition, most public administrative agencies use public digital signatures for their work and dealing with the treasury. The official emailing system has been deployed synchronously to ensure smooth and quick delivery and receipt of documents among state agencies while ensuring information safety. The online video conferencing system also connects the Provincial People's Committee to the Office of the Provincial Party Committee, the Office of the Provincial People’s Council and 15 District People's Committees in the province.

Nguyen Xuan Kiem, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications, said, the effort of Department of Information and Communications has produced positive results and is increasingly recognized by authorities at all levels, thus facilitating the development of the information and communication sector in Kien Giang province. This will be a motivation for the province to carry out digital transformation, complete and improve the performance of the e-government, accelerate digital transformation and catch the Industrial Revolution 4.0 megatrend.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum