Nhon Hoa Industrial Park - Appealing Destination for Investors

10:26:19 AM | 14/9/2020

With its convenient location, synchronous and modern technical infrastructure, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park in Binh Dinh province is an attractive destination for investors and an engine of local economic development.

Accelerated infrastructure development

Nhon Hoa Industrial Park, located in Nhon Hoa ward and Nhon Tho commune (An Nhon town), was established in 2009 by Nhon Hoa Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd and approved by the Provincial People's Committee. It covers 105 ha in the first phase and 134.64 ha in the second phase. It will be expanded by 42.37 ha to the southeast in the expansion phase. Immediately after being licensed as the investor, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. completed legal procedures for the project, cleared the ground and constructed synchronous infrastructure to attract investors. Up to now, after 12 years of operation, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park has a complete synchronous technical infrastructure in the first phase and the expansion phase to the southeast, meeting 100% of tenants’ needs.

In the second phase, to readily meet tenants’ needs, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park Infrastructure Co., Ltd urgently accelerated construction progress to complete the technical support system on about 80 ha out of 134.64 ha

Mr. Dinh Xuan Huy, Director of Nhon Hoa Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd, affirmed that Nhon Hoa Industrial Park always sides with investors in the park and wishes to bring synchronous and modern infrastructure as well as professional and reputable support services to them.

Accordingly, to complete the second-phase infrastructure construction, the company planned to invest in building and upgrading a centralized wastewater treatment system with a daily capacity of 3,000 cubic meters, install an automatic wastewater monitoring system and upgrade the existing water supply plant to meet tenants’ needs for wastewater treatment, and supply tap water for manufacturing and business operations in the park and for daily livelihoods of local people living in Nhon Hoa ward and Nhon Tho commune along National Highway 19.

Catching the investment wave

With specific favorable conditions like lying on National Highway 19, lying 27 km from Quy Nhon international seaport, connecting trade of provinces in the Central Highlands, Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park is attractive to domestic and international investors.

According to Director Dinh Xuan Huy, coming to Nhon Hoa Industrial Park, apart from choosing an ideal location with the most reasonable rental costs, tenants will be readily supported with investment procedures and quick professional investment services. The company always accompanies customers to find solutions to solve problems before and after they get investment licenses.

In the first phase, with nearly 160 ha leased, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park attracted 33 domestic and foreign investment projects, including eight foreign projects and 25 domestic projects, with a total registered capital of more than VND5,000 billion. Since its inception, the park has generated jobs for over 3,000 local workers. Therefore, in the second phase, the park is strongly supported by local authorities as it is expected to draw more investment funds in the coming period.

To date, 25 ha out of 80 ha of the second phase is ready to be allocated to investors. Currently, three companies have rented the land and built their factories (Central Wood Joint Stock Company, Nguyen Ha A Chau Joint Stock Company and C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company).

With an open policy on investment support, in the coming time, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park will give priority to investment projects that consume little energy, employ local labor, support industrial projects, process agricultural products, facilitate high-tech agriculture and organic agriculture, develop renewable energy, urbanization, trade, service and tourism.

Nhon Hoa Industrial Park has the following main subdivisions: The center for administration and services, factory area, traffic and technical infrastructure, green area, lighting systems, waste collection and treatment system and others. The park cost nearly VND562 billion for construction, of which VND196 billion came from the State budget and VND365 billion was invested by Nhon Hoa Industrial Park Infrastructure Co., Ltd.


Source: Vietnam Business Forum