Tecco: Effort to Best Serve Customers

10:06:25 AM | 4/12/2020

Tecco Group has carried out many urban infrastructure and service investment projects to create a distinctive mark in Thai Nguyen city. By making a reasonable development strategy and investing heavily in locally competitive products and services, Tecco Group has not only successfully built its name and affirmed its position and brand on the property market, but also built a modern and civilized urban space.

Tecco Elite City Thai Nguyen adds values to life

According to a report by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Thai Nguyen province has emerged as an impressive recipient of foreign investment funds in the northern midland and mountainous region. As of June 2020, the province had 153 FDI projects, including 118 projects in industrial parks, with a total registered capital of US$8.2 billion.

Thai Nguyen is also known for the largest “super-project” in Vietnam, invested by Samsung Group with US$7.2 billion. A report released by Samsung Thai Nguyen showed that the group’s output value reached over VND265 trillion (US$11.5 billion) in the first six months of 2020.

Seeing that Thai Nguyen province is a major recipient of FDI funds, some real estate investors have also landed their projects in this market to seek opportunities. However, not all projects are successful. In that context, Tecco Group, a real estate “tycoon” dubbed as a trailblazer in new lands, decided to invest in building a high-end apartment complex project called Tecco Elite City.

The strong FDI fund growth and the concentration of large industrial parks and factories have attracted a huge number of workers to live and work in Thai Nguyen province, resulting in a high demand for accommodations and opening up great opportunities for the real estate market. Thousands of experts, engineers and managers from South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and other countries always have strict requirements for quality of life. They need world-class residences with upmarket amenities. This is explaining why most foreign specialists working in Thai Nguyen return to Hanoi every day after work because local residence quality and services of many existing projects fail to meet their demands.

This reality brought a huge opportunity for high-end projects like Tecco Elite City. Before Tecco Elite City, Tecco Group invested to build Tecco Phu Lien Apartment, which was sold out in a short time. This project was also considered an important stepping stone for Tecco Group to make a big investment in this new market. The group quietly developed a land fund when Thai Nguyen was still uninterested by investors. Buying the land when its price was very low, the project offered a very competitive selling price. Tecco Elite City, featuring Singapore-styled design with “light tree” and “infinity pool” in the air, is covered with green patches - characterized in Singapore-styled design, unseen in Thai Nguyen province before.

Notably, the project is situated on 21,000 square meters in Thinh Dan ward, the gateway to Thai Nguyen, with an extremely easy access to billion-dollar Bac Son Avenue and to interregional and arterial traffic routes. The project is connected to existing nearby facilities such as bus stations and universities just 5-10 minutes’ drive. Lying adjacent to National Highway 3 and Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Kan Expressway, future residents of the project can easily move between residences and workplaces in industrial parks in the province: about 20 minutes to reach Diem Thuy Industrial Park or Song Cong Industrial Park and 10 minutes to Samsung Complex.

The project has up to 68 utilities like cinema, shopping mall, Tec-care ecosystem, Tec-Coffee and Tec-mall, to high-rise facilities like swimming pool and roof-light architecture. When completed, Tecco Elite City will bring a classy, quality and humane living space to residents, and promises to be a highlight of Thai Nguyen city. With many outstanding facilities, Tecco Elite City is welcomed by the market.

Tecco Elite City clearly has a combination of advantages: reasonable selling price and payment schedule, prime location, products with many utilities, easy access to internal and interregional transport systems.

Sharing about the investment environment of Thai Nguyen province, Mr. Nguyen Van Loi, Member of the Board of Directors of Tecco Group, Director of Tecco Thai Nguyen Branch, said, "We are very confident when we chose Thai Nguyen as the investment destination. Here, we receive the close coordination of the local government. With our available potential, we are doing very well in the province.”

Creating sustainable values

Tecco Group is known to have 20 years of experience in the real estate sector. Currently, the group is involved in many business fields, including residential property, vacation property, services, quarrying and water production. With a strong financial potential, the group has more than 60 commercial and residential projects, hotels, and resorts spanning the country. Starting out as a real estate investor in Ho Chi Minh City since 2001, Tecco Group has carried out many large-scale construction projects in Hanoi and northern provinces. Present in Hanoi since 2009, Tecco Group has constantly strived to overcome challenges to become a powerful real estate developer and gain the trust of partners and customers. Tecco Group has affirmed its success in every project.

The outstanding features of Tecco-invested projects are, in addition to top quality and after-sales service, added values of a product - a measure of community trust in the group. For example, in Vinh City, in building C1 Quang Trung Apartment in 2004, Tecco Group designed a serviced shophouse system on lower floors. This design model became a trend in Ho Chi Minh City after 15 years. Vinh Tan New Urban Area, after 15 years, has become more spacious, cleaner and more beautiful with green trees, water-conditioning lakes and parks. In Ho Chi Minh City, apartment buildings such as Tan Tao, Linh Dong and Binh Thanh are well favored by customers. In Hanoi City, Tecco's project in Tu Hiep - Thanh Tri is considered the “most beautiful apartment complex” in the region as compared to other apartments with similar prices.

Tecco Group’s products are favored by customers. In each province/city where Tecco has construction projects, the Tecco brand quickly wins complete confidence from customers. The leadership of Tecco Group always believes that “Making a house for sale is like making it for yourself. As a matter of fact, a customer normally saves for a long time to have enough money to buy a house, he/she must feel satisfied with it. Let’s think, if you buy a house and you feel dissatisfied and uncomfortable, how will you feel? Remember this to deliver the best services to customers.”

Tecco Group's core values are measured not only by products but also by people. Staffed by experienced, dynamic and responsive engineers, architects, and managers, Tecco is chosen for partnership by top-class vacation property investors in Vietnam like Crystal Bay Group to invest in a series of projects with a combined investment capital of VND20 trillion.

By Nguyen Dung, Vietnam Business Forum