Applying Science and Technology to Increase Income and Improve People's Life

2:07:29 PM | 17/12/2020

After determining that the research and application of scientific and technical advances and technology transfer in production and life are key tasks, over the past years, Gia Lai province has had many policies to promote these and has achieved many results. Many research, application and transfer results have met practical requirements, serving as a basis for the orientation of socio-economic development, serving the industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas, exploiting potentials and advantages of climate and land, contributing to improving income and improving people's lives.

The most prominent results in research and application of scientific and technical advances and technology transfer in Gia Lai province is the positive impact on agricultural production and rural development of the province. In particular, they include focusing on supporting and serving the restructuring of the agricultural sector, converting crop and animal patterns, implementation of resolutions on development of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and medicinal plants, developing agriculture with the application of high technologies, improving production efficiency and quality of agricultural products, reorganizing and promoting commodity production, and contributing to the achievement of poverty alleviation in the locality.

Research results have aimed at building a database to serve forecasts and planning for sector and field development, rational exploitation of natural resources, and creation of a database on land and hydrometeorology; water reserve and quality, warning risks of drought, flash floods, landslides and natural disasters in the province. These research results have been transferred to the agricultural sector and relevant local industries to receive and apply in the orientation and planning of production development in accordance with local characteristics and in the context of global climate change having a huge impact on production.

In addition to the research results to create a scientific basis for production development orientation, the application of scientific and technological advances to production has also been prioritized. Many models of application of scientific and technological advances have been implemented, actively contributing to socio-economic development in remote and ethnic minority areas. Demonstration models from many different forms, models of applying scientific and technological advances to potentials and advantages have been applied in order to convert crop and animal patterns to achieve high efficiency. Projects applying scientific and technological advances have contributed to improving economic infrastructure, culture, ecological environment, changing production and living practices in remote areas towards increasing productivity, sustainable quality, contributing positively to poverty reduction, improving the material and spiritual lives of local people.

Scientific and technological activities in the province have achieved practical results. Typically, in terms of breeding, a number of varieties and lines have been researched and added to the list of key plant varieties and animals of the province, such as: hybrid rice, local upland rice, medicinal plant varieties, varieties of forest trees, fruit trees, livestock breeds, and aquatic breeds with high economic value. Through research activities, the technical staff has also approached and improved skills, practical knowledge for a number of high technologies and complexities in seed research. Currently, the province continues to focus on research and application of scientific and technological advances to strongly develop medicinal plants, growing flowers, vegetables and fruit trees in the direction of application of high technology of breeds and cultivation techniques to increase productivity, quality and contribute to ensuring food safety and hygiene, increasing product value.

Along with focusing investment in breeding work, recently Gia Lai has invested heavily in improving cultivation techniques of plants and animals. Through many types of investment, the province has organized for people and businesses to strictly follow the intensive farming process, step by step organize to develop production according to standards, such as VietGAP and organic, to develop agricultural production of the province in a sustainable way.

Regarding the support for the development of hi-tech agriculture, with the province's advantage in agricultural production, in recent years Gia Lai has invested in a number of seed production models, and raised a number of products with high productivity and quality, organic products, and applied advanced technology and achieved remarkable results.

Along with that, intellectual property activities have always been paid attention. The province has actively supported localities in the creation, registration, protection and development of trademarks, certifications, collective marks, geographical indications related to strong products and local specialties such as: Phu Thien Rice, An Khe Vegetable, Krong Pa Tobacco, An Son - Dak Po Vegetable, Ia Sao - Ia Grai Rambutan, Bau Can Tea, Kbang Honey and Gia Lai Honey.

In the province, there is 01 Ho Tieu Chu Se collective mark granted a protection title; there are 02 certification marks (An Khe - Gia Lai Vegetable and Phu Thien - Gia Lai Rice) granted protection titles and 01 certification mark with decision to accept valid application for An Son - Dak Po Vegetable products. Currently, the Department of Science and Technology is cooperating with departments, sectors, localities and enterprises to advise the province to propose 04 projects to participate in the Intellectual Property Development Program in the 2019-2020 period of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum