Leading Pharmaceutical Brand in Vietnam

10:33:38 AM | 9/3/2021

Merap Group is one of the leading pharmaceutical groups in Vietnam, the owner of many leading brands such as OSLA Eye Drops, XISAT Deep Sea Water, MECEFIX BE Antibiotic and EFODYL. Merap Group's products have gained trust in the quality, effectiveness of treatment and the trust of doctors and pharmacists, as well as consumers. Maintaining core values, developing a sustainable differentiated value chain, focusing on technology and human development have helped Merap Group become successful with an average sales growth of 25% over many years.

Doing business with responsibility and promoting discipline at work

Over 21 years of development, from a small office in Hanoi, Merap has now had a modern factory in Hung Yen and a team of nearly 700 employees who are dynamic, young and enthusiastic, working across the nation. From the business philosophy of increasing company value based on suitable people value, Merap has created a favorable working environment for their staff to develop their full capacity and created conditions for them to have promotion opportunities.

During 21 years of operation, Merap Group has also experienced many ups and downs, but in spite of circumstances, Merap has still determined to move forward, overcome all difficulties, create confidence for employees so that they can feel secure to stay and work. Merap is always proud of having a team including qualified associates and employees who are always dedicated to the development of the company.

Mr. To Hong Thai, Chairman of the Board of Merap Group, shared: “Living by principles, living responsibly, living with value are the cultural values to create Merap's strength and they are Merap’s business development strategy and goals”. This strategy is always pursued and does not change in the development direction of the company. As a business directly related to human health, the company's products must ensure high applicability and best quality, minimizing the side effects to users. For the people of Merap, the company always creates the best working environment, where employees can maximize their abilities. They are arranged according to their own positions of competency; each employee must understand their responsibilities and duties, because a weak link will lead to a weak chain and affect the entire company’s development. Therefore, discipline is also one of the top factors always paid attention to by the company.

In addition, the company has paid to the application of information technology to management and administration. Merap has established a digital transformation committee to specialize in solving problems of digital technology application in production and business activities. It has researched and applied digital technology to management software. It has step by step digitized data in market research and analysis, planning, implementation of plans, predictive analysis and risk prevention in production and business, thereby helping to improve quality and productivity of products, reducing waste, damage, and reducing errors of subjective factors.

All of these factors have made Merap one of the leading companies in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry. Merap is now the owner of many leading brands such as OSLA Eye Drops, XISAT Deep Sea Water, MECEFIX BE Antibiotic, EFODYL, Benita Nasal Sprays, Meseca. Merap Group's products have received trust in their quality, treatment effectiveness and the trust of doctors and pharmacists, as well as consumers.

Focusing on building the Merap culture

Corporate culture is the soul and an intangible asset, so Merap has paid special attention to corporate culture development. It can be seen that in Merap Group, corporate culture is also an important factor that unites members of Merap. In a diverse group of people with different professional and cultural qualifications, cognitive levels, culture is the glue that binds the collective, creating solidarity, unanimity and determination to implement the goals that Merap Group is pursuing.

“With good corporate culture, Merap will have many advantages in attracting high-quality human resources with good expertise, preventing "brain drain" which is common nowadays. On the other hand, with the trend of globalization and international economic integration, enterprises must always be creative and innovative in order to survive and develop. Through building corporate culture, we will promote creative human resources, create more product value and profit for the business. We determine that corporate culture cannot be implemented in a single day, but is a long term process requiring a contribution from each individual. First of all, it is the will, the determination to build the culture of the business leaders, then sharing, propagating and educating the personnel with the determination, consensus and cooperation of the various units in the business. When corporate culture is built and implemented regularly, daily, it will enhance the working spirit of human resources and the reputation of each individual's work, such as reputable superiors with subordinates, subordinates having prestige with superiors. The work efficiency will also increase and surely products will be more competitive, so Merap Group is built like a great family, where each individual must understand his responsibilities and roles,” added Mr. To Hong Thai.

As an enterprise that has invested in Hung Yen for many years, evaluating the investment environment of the province, Mr. Thai also said Hung Yen province had the advantage of geographical location, convenient traffic and abundant labor force. Over the past years, the province has issued many policies to attract investments and many mechanisms and policies to support investors. However, in order to attract more investments, Hung Yen needs to invest in transport infrastructure to connect industrial parks with major national highways. At the same time, there should be many policies to attract workers, promote vocational training for local workers in accordance with the needs of businesses investing in the province, build condominiums suitable for workers, and connect schools, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, entertainment areas with industrial parks.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum