S.6 Investment Joint Stock Company: The Value Affirmed by Sustainable Investment

10:53:26 AM | 15/3/2021

The coast of Ninh Thuan, stretching over 105 km, has high and stable temperature, salinity all year round, and clean sea water, a very favorable natural condition for shrimp seed development. Located in Khanh Tuong village, Tri Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, S.6 Investment Joint Stock Company (S.6) has built a time-honored reputation from outstanding business operations.

Quality seed is prerequisite

Facilitated by the continuous development of the national shrimp breeding industry, producers in Ninh Thuan province supply baby shrimps for the commercial shrimp farming market. Amongst leading suppliers, S.6 is a reliable large supplier of shrimp breeds. Mr. Le Van Que, General Director of S.6 Investment Joint Stock Company, said: “The quality of shrimp seed is a prerequisite criterion that S.6 always wants to aim for. Therefore, from the first days of operation, the company leadership always tries its best to seek a sustainable and inclusive investment approach, evidenced by its investment of VND30 billion in a disease-free hatchery project with an annual output of 2.5 billion shrimp seed in Tri Hai commune, Ninh Hai district. The facility is furnished with full modern equipment, biosafety isolation system, original algae culture room, biomass algae culture house, bacteria room and molecular biology room to best support strict inspection and supervision of the farming process.”

Especially with modern facilities combined with the application of science, technology and advanced techniques, S.6 was selected by the Ninh Thuan Department of Science and Technology as the first company to pilot smart electronic stamps for product traceability (shrimp seeds). According to Mr. Du Ngoc Tuan, Deputy Director of the Ninh Thuan Fisheries Department, to apply the smart traceability stamp for Ninh Thuan specialties as mentioned above, shrimp hatcheries must meet very strict requirements on production conditions, especially seed quality. So far, with the best shrimp seed produced by modern processes, S.6 has shown superiority in seed quality to any domestic or foreign company.

As a relatively young company in the industry, S.6 has clearly proven its dynamism and enthusiasm for the country's shrimp seed industry. The company has specifically prepared well for a globalization process to assert its position. But, like other industries affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, shrimp seed production confronted numerous difficulties. In that context, S.6 found out its own way by creating support groups and technical information channels to guide customers by phone. “We are committed to effectively controlling the epidemic and strictly following instructions of the local and national authorities," he said.

Respecting the marine environment

In the conversation with our reporter, Que also expressed his concern that Vietnamese breeds depend a lot on foreign broodstock and local producers have not mastered the broodstock genetic resources. In addition, it is necessary to clearly pronounce medicine origins for the shrimp industry and treat wastewater for farming. At the same time, there should be a software project for shrimp seed management and import traceability data every day. This software will help create an interactive link between authorities with businesses to protect the shrimp breeding industry. On the other hand, it is necessary to create conditions for local businesses to cooperate with well-known foreign firms to buy high-quality broodstock to store the best genetic resources for multiplication.

With his dedication, Que thoroughly understands the importance of marine environment protection to the country's shrimp seed industry in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general. He said, “Vietnam has vast sea waters, very important to national existence and development. In the past time, together with strong economic development, the marine environment has also faced the risk of serious pollution if there are no early drastic measures.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum