Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan Shrimp Seeds: "The ultimate goal is still the success of shrimp farmers"

12:44:16 PM | 16/3/2021

High quality shrimp seed production center

Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan Co., Ltd has made every effort to utilize local conditions to produce aquatic breeds in general and shrimp seed in particular. Instead of focusing on processing and export, Viet - Uc Seafood Corporation has developed a core technology to produce high-quality shrimp seed (currently Viet - Uc shrimp seed leads the industry with more than 30% of the market share in the country). On that basis, the company has focused on investing in facilities, technology and human resources to find optimal solutions for sustainable development of the shrimp industry.

Canh said, “Having been present in the province for more than nine years (since 2011), with a solid foundation built on the outstanding development of Viet - Uc Seafood Corporation, a leading supplier of high-quality shrimp seeds in the province and in the country, Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan has become a prestigious producer of shrimp seed with rapid and sustainable development. The establishment of Ninh Thuan province-based unit is one of major turning points of the group on the path to expand domestic operations. Currently, Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan is running a 1.8-ha facility with a yearly output capacity of 2 billion fries and employing about 70 local workers.”

Expanding production

Viet - Uc Seafood Corporation and Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan Co., Ltd have a clear focused approach to broodstock segment - an important foundation for sustainable development of the whole industry. In fact, most companies now import broodstock from abroad. This import is exposed to many potential risks. When the demand is high, they cannot meet orders from customers. This is a supply risk. The second risk is high price. The third is changed quality that results in seed shrimp quality. Seeing these risks, under the sponsorship of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), since 2010, Viet - Uc Seafood Corporation boldly invested in the broodstock segment. After many years of genetic development and selection under strict supervision of State agencies and CSIRO, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development officially allowed Viet - Uc to commercialize breeding whiteleg shrimps, marking a new breakthrough for the whole shrimp industry in Vietnam.

The Viet - Uc Genetics and Breeding Center selected and produced many shrimp generations with good health, high survival rate and good growth (there are two genetic breed selection centers: a 2-ha facility in Binh Thuan province and a 15-ha facility in Ninh Thuan province). After many genetically selected generations, the center significantly helped improve genetic resources by strengthening growth traits, survival rate, resistance, adaptability and reproductivity. Each year, the center breeds and produces 30,000 - 50,000 high-quality broodstock according to the biosafety process that meets strict breeding requirements.

To keep on production expansion and affirm its position as a center of high quality shrimp seed production nationwide, Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan is planning to invest in a hatchery capable of supplying 5 billion fry a year. In addition, the company strictly manages and supervises the shelf life of broodstock broodstock for proper breeding purposes to ensure postlarvae quality in production and in delivery to farmers.

“Currently, Viet - Uc Seafood Corporation is a leading shrimp seed producer in Vietnam. However, never being satisfied with this success, the group has kept ongoing investment and development towards the ultimate goal of success for shrimp farmers. Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan hopes that the local government will have incentive policies to encourage small and medium producers to join with large enterprises, apply advanced technologies to produce good breeds, expand production capacity and enhance competitiveness on the marketplace,” Canh added.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum