FSC Vietnam Significantly Contributes to Local Development

9:33:12 AM | 26/5/2021

MDF Board Manufacturing Factory, put into operation by FSC Vietnam Joint Stock Company, a member of Kim Tin Group, in 2018 in Nam Dong Phu Industrial Park, Dong Phu District, Binh Phuoc Province, has contributed significantly to the growth of Kim Tin Group as well as the overall economic development of Binh Phuoc province.

As one of Top 10 MDF board producers, powered by the most advanced technology and modern machinery in the world, FSC Vietnam Factory, built on an area of more than 25 ha with a total investment fund of VND2,300 billion, is capable of processing 400,000 cubic meters a year.

Proactive and creative to overcome the pandemic

On February 26, 2021, Ms. Tran Tue Hien, Chairwoman of Binh Phuoc Provincial People’s Committee, as well as provincial and local officials visited the MDF Board Manufacturing Factory in Nam Dong Phu Industrial Park. Reporting to Chairman Hien and visiting officials, the representative of FSC Vietnam Company said: In response to the direction of the Prime Minister and Binh Phuoc province, FSC Vietnam effectively developed its business and prevented the COVID-19 pandemic contagion. Upholding the solidarity, creativity and effort of the company to overcome hardships, the company adopted many consistent solutions to calm employees and ensure their employment with the company to achieve business targets and plans.

FSC Vietnam Factory is working at over 91% of the designed capacity, reaching 365,000 cubic meters a year, accounting for more than 20% of Vietnamese fiberboard market share. The company has hired nearly 300 employees, 70% of which are locals who are paid an average of VND7-10 million a month. In 2021, the company expected to pay VND97 billion to the state budget.

Mr. Trinh Huu Dai, Director of FSC Vietnam Company, said, after three years of operation in Binh Phuoc province, FSC Vietnam has received valuable support from local authorities. Responsible agencies have ensured security and order and promptly solved problems in investment and business development policies. In addition to these advantages, FSC Vietnam has faced difficulties in worker recruitment, infrastructure and unstable electricity supply, which have negatively affected business performance. Local workers are mainly unskilled and the company must spend much time providing professional training for them.

Remarking on common difficulties, especially negative impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chairwoman Hien highly appreciated the efforts of FSC Vietnam to stabilize business operations and cope with COVID-19 contagion. He wished that FSC Vietnam will make more efforts in the coming time and have appropriate development strategies to maintain and expand business operations, ensure livelihoods of workers, and create a solid foundation for siding with the province to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Better personnel for higher product quality

FSC Vietnam is now seen as one of the largest and most modern MDF board producers in Vietnam, furnished by production lines with many outstanding advantages and features imported from Europe. FSC Vietnam is a supplier of MDF boards that meet the most stringent quality and environment standards, diverse specifications and consumer demands on domestic and international markets such as the United States, Japan and European countries.

“Our goal is to become a leader in the MDF board manufacturing industry, accounting for 35% of the domestic market, to make environmentally friendly pro-community products and provide premium services for customers,” said General Director Dai.

FSC Vietnam always focuses on product quality by developing its professional and expert workforce. The company leaders believe that people and environment are the core factors for sustainable development of the company. Therefore, the firm always pays special attention to expertise, rights and health of employees and wishes to create a favorable working environment for them to foster their creativity, renovate technologies, products, and working processes to achieve the best performance outcomes. FSC Vietnam always cares about employees' health. It actively improves the working environment by applying technical solutions to reduce noise and dust; provides adequate labor protection equipment; complies with labor safety regulations; ensures adequate nutrition meals; offers periodic medical checkups; and offers all employees occupational accident insurance.

In addition, welfare policies and employee engagement programs are essential to employee retention. The company has built a 3-ha hostel in Suoi Giai, fully equipped with modern amenities for more than 100 employees. Every year, FSC Vietnam organizes teambuilding events to strengthen employee interactions, particularly among different divisions.

Besides, FSC Vietnam always focuses on protecting the environment and employee health. With the “For sustainable forest development" working principle, the firm has adopted a self-contained process - logging wood and planting forests. The company is currently researching and establishing a project to plant 5,000 ha of forest in Binh Phuoc to provide raw materials for production. Moreover, it applies production management measures, technical solutions, and technologies to prevent and reduce waste, and increase resource efficiency.

General Director Dai said, “In the coming time, the company will maintain and develop a 26-ha wood processor system in Dong Phu town, Binh Phuoc province, expand the MDF board production line in Binh Phuoc to 400,000 cubic meters a year, expected to come into operation in early 2023, and expand wooden furniture production in a 10-ha supply facility in Nam Dong Phu Industrial Park. The company takes the MDF board production in Binh Phuoc as a foundation for production expansion in Dau Giay to 500,000 cubic meters a year and is investing in two new factories in the Central Region and the North with an output of 400,000 cubic meters a year each."

Source: Vietnam Business Forum