Ensuring Stable Production Development

7:43:31 AM | 5/7/2021

"Never allow production chain disruptions because of COVID-19" is the affirmation of Ms. Le Thu Hai, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Khanh Hoa.

According to a report released by Khanh Hoa Department of Industry and Trade, in 2020, the province's industrial production index (IIP) slightly increased by 0.5% over 2019 and the consumer price index (CPI) climbed 3.38%, evidencing efforts to achieve remarkable successes amid the COVID-19 outbreak and re-emergences that stalled exports and imports and reduced production orders.

In the coming time, Khanh Hoa province will witness certain impacts of COVID-19 on commercial and industrial activities, she said. Therefore, the locality has closely based on general contexts to specify tasks to achieve IIP growth of 5%, total retail revenue of VND79,055 billion, up 15.3% year on year, export value of US$1.4 billion, up 2.94%, and import value of US$900 million, up 17.38%.

Hai said, the province is now home to nearly 300 enterprises that employ nearly 30,000 workers. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in many provinces and cities across the country, Khanh Hoa paid special attention to preventing pandemic contagion. The difficulty controlling COVID-19 in industrial zones in Bac Giang and Bac Ninh provinces is a valuable lesson for businesses in Khanh Hoa to be highly vigilant. Local leaders have actively and drastically carried out many measures to both ensure production and effectively prevent the pandemic. To uphold the role of enterprises in raising awareness and sense of responsibility of their employees to disease prevention, the province managed to withstand all risks and maintain stable business development.

In addition to the "dual goals", the province will carry out solutions to improve the investment and business environment, business development, and national competitiveness; further boost industrial restructuring to increase the share of processing and manufacturing sectors; gradually implement domestic trade promotion and encourage domestic consumption. Especially, the province will strengthen dialogues with and supports for enterprises to timely grasp and solve difficulties for them; effectively take advantage of trade agreements; and actively coordinate with relevant bodies to inspect and prevent smuggling, trade fraud, counterfeiting and knockoffs.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum