Khanh Hoa Joining Hands with Businesses and People to Address Difficulties

9:48:49 AM | 6/7/2021

Over the past time, the repeated reemergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant impacts on business operations of Khanh Hoa province-based enterprises. This huge challenge requires Khanh Hoa to seek the right approaches for specific situations, especially its determinations and efforts to suport local enterprises to overcome difficulties.

Empathizing and sharing

According to a report from the Department of Planning and Investment, in 2020, Khanh Hoa province achieved seven out of 16 social and economic targets. Despite general hardship, the province still attracted 25 new projects with a total investment fund of more than VND7,700 billion, nearly double the value in 2019. The province also adopted many solutions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, guarantee social security and maintain defense and security.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Tuan, Chairman of Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee, said that to ensure continued socioeconomic development in the past time, the Provincial People's Committee introduced key tasks and solutions, highlighted by the important implementation of the dual goal: Containing the pandemic and restoring normal activities. The locality also made efforts to focus, maintain and develop key industries such as highly and technologically knowledgeable services (focusing on logistics services, environment-friendly industry and locally advantageous industry). At the same time, the province accelerated agricultural restructuring to expand chain links; and supported fishermen to modernize their offshore fishing facilities and invest in large fishing centers. “Provincial leaders are always ready to listen and share difficulties with businesses and people. Each official will be the core force that is always creative and ready to think about right directions to match the situation. Right now, all efforts to achieve the dual goal of fighting the pandemic and developing the economy are never redundant," he said.

Strategic breakthroughs

In 2021, Khanh Hoa expected to obtain a GDP growth of 7.4%, GDP per capita of VND73.3 million, export value of US$1.4 billion, domestic budget revenue growth of 1.6%, and total investment value of VND56,918 billion, up 12% over 2020. Some social indicators included reducing the poverty rate by 0.33%, adding 11,500 people to the workforce, raising the rate of trained workers to 81%; urbanization rate of 61%, and 66.3% (61/92 communes) satisfying new rural development standards.

Accordingly, the province will strongly on improve the business investment climate, substantially reduce business conditions, reform administrative procedures, remove business bottlenecks for enterprises and create driving forces for business development. Khanh Hoa will also promote trade promotion and strengthen supports for local enterprises to introduce products to consumers in foreign markets. The province's goal is to control the COVID-19 pandemic well, prevent infections in the community, accelerate sectoral restructuring, expand development space, and seek new driving forces for economic growth.

At the same time, the province will stick to several key contents: Reforming provincial planning; creating a favorable, open and transparent business investment environment to draw more investors; developing Van Phong Bay area into a key economic zone and driving force of the province and the Southern Central Coast; developing high-quality human resources; stepping up scientific and technological application, innovation, and labor productivity; fostering innovative entrepreneurship; and mobilizing investment resources for construction of synchronous and modern infrastructure to make Khanh Hoa a centrally run urban center, a good place for living and an important world-class tourist center.

Clearly, the breakthrough contents are innovative and strategic, which will further prove the aspiration and determination of the Party and people of Khanh Hoa to successfully realize the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 18th Provincial Party Congress, to build Khanh Hoa into the marine economic center, a major national tourist and service center, a solid foundation for Khanh Hoa to become a centrally run city by 2030 in addition to leading local people to confidently prevent the COVID-19 pandemic to build a prosperous and happy life.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum