Science and Technology- Driving Force for Sustainable Growth

8:45:05 AM | 24/1/2022

In recent years, tasks of the science and technology sector of Thai Nguyen province have been increasingly practicable and applicable to lay the groundwork for local socioeconomic development. Our reporter has an interview with Mr. Pham Quoc Chinh, Director of Thai Nguyen Department of Science and Technology, on this content. Ngoc Tung reports.

Could you please introduce outstanding achievements of the science and technology sector of Thai Nguyen province in recent years?

Going with the country’s science and technology development, the Thai Nguyen science and technology sector has expanded in both number and quality. In 2016-2020, the Department of Science and Technology advised the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee to approve and launch nearly 120 science and technology projects at all levels, including 88 provincial projects; further supported innovative startups and fostered the development of science and technology markets and enterprises. The province has nearly 800 initiatives, including nearly 400 certified ones.

In addition, the science and technology sector has actively supported applying ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to administrative agencies from provincial to grassroots levels and actively applying information technology to modernize the administration.

In particular, the scientific research and transfer cooperation program between the Provincial People's Committee and Thai Nguyen University has achieved positive results, with seven tasks approved and effectively implemented, notably the research and development project on biological SARS CoV-2 real time PCR test kits.

In 2021, despite being affected by the pandemic, the science and technology sector still achieved many positive results. The sector researched and advised the Provincial People's Committee to submit to the Provincial People's Council for approval four resolutions, including: Atomic energy application program for socio-economic development of Thai Nguyen province in the period of 2021-2025; Regulations on support for intellectual property protection registration up to 2030; Approving the investment policy of the project to build the Experimental Camp of the Center for Science and Technology Development; Regulations on expenditure for tasks performed by localities under the National Program to support enterprises to improve productivity and quality of products and goods for 2021 - 2030 in Thai Nguyen province.

How have these achievements affected local socioeconomic development goals?

With its creative efforts, the science and technology sector has closely followed up development goals and effectively contributed to local socioeconomic development. Science and technology projects have helped improve growth quality and economic competitiveness. The ratio of total factor productivity (TFP) growth to the province's economic growth in the 2016-2020 period reached 51.3%, higher than the average in the 2011-2020 period (41.5%).

Many science and technology activities have supported production: Guiding and supporting enterprises to develop and announce basic standards and applied standards; providing information about agreements on technical barriers to trade for local manufacturers; carrying out projects to enhance productivity and product quality; carrying out measuring instrument verification and calibration; establishing and protecting intellectual property rights for some famous products of the province.

The Department has promoted science and technology in agriculture and forestry in line with the province's orientation for agricultural development and new rural development. Over the years, the Department has supported localities to build and register for intellectual property rights protection for five local specialty products, including: Geographical Indication for "Tan Cuong" tea; five certified brands (Phu Luong litchi sticky rice, Viet Cuong - Hoa Thuong vermicelli, Phu Binh chicken, Phu Luong tea, Vo Nhai tea); 19 collective brands (Thai Nguyen Tea, Dinh Hoa Rice, Bo Dau Square Cake, La Bang Tea, Trai Cai Tea, Vo Tranh Tea, Tien Hoi Grapefruit, Tuc Tranh Tea, Linh Nham Guava, La Hien custard apples, Dai Tu Tea, Phuc Thuan longans, etc).

Science and technology research, application and transfer is being vigorously deployed across the country. How has Thai Nguyen focused on prioritizing these projects?

Thai Nguyen province defined that high-tech development is important to foster modern and sustainable socioeconomic development. Accordingly, the Department of Science and Technology advised the Provincial People's Committee to issue Plan 136/KH-UBND to implement Decision 130/QD-TTg dated January 27, 2021 of the Prime Minister on the National High Technology Development Program to 2030. The province will encourage building and developing about 10 high-tech manufacturers and high-tech service providers. At the same time, the province will build and develop seven high-tech agriculture enterprises.

The province has focused on supporting enterprises to launch hi-tech application projects based on accepted research results, technology transfer contracts or cooperation agreements; building and developing a high-tech manufacturer ecosystem; providing high-tech services for global supply chains; and developing logistics markets, digital economy and e-commerce development.

The department has also concentrated on fostering international cooperation in high technology, facilitating and supporting science and technology organizations and enterprises to boost international cooperation for high-tech research, application and development, especially foreign countries, territories and organizations with advanced science and technology level.

What specific programs and policies will the department take to assist businesses, boost the startup ecosystem, create and develop science and technology enterprises in the future?

To support businesses in the coming time, Thai Nguyen Department of Science and Technology will continue to improve policies and management quality of science and technology tasks, and take advantage of Technology 4.0 achievements, with focus on new, core technologies and big data for digital transformation, e-government and smart cities, thus turning science and technology into a driving force and breakthrough solution for local socioeconomic development.

Entrepreneurship and innovation have potential to make breakthrough growth. The department will advise the Provincial People's Committee on regulations in support of startups, commercialization of products, and formation and development of science and technology enterprises.

Determined to make Thai Nguyen one of modern industrial economic centers of the northern midland and mountainous region and the greater Hanoi region by 2030, the department will further communicate on its missions of science and application; carry out breakthrough tasks with enterprises; and support local companies to develop standards, measurement and quality, as well as intellectual property and technology transfer.

By Vietnam Business Forum