Thai Nguyen Industrial Parks Leveraging Industrial Development

9:55:57 AM | 3/3/2022

Over 20 years of development, industrial parks in Thai Nguyen province have made many positive contributions to create leverage for Thai Nguyen to become one of the developed industrial provinces of the country.

As a midland and mountainous province adjacent to the capital Hanoi, Thai Nguyen has many favorable conditions for the development of industrial parks (IPs) to attract investment. To promote that strength, the Provincial Authority of IPs, with its functions, duties and responsibilities, has actively participated in and coordinated with agencies of the Central Ministries, Committees, sectors, Departments, industries and localities to advise the province, and directly carried out many investment promotion activities in IPs. The Authority of Thai Nguyen IPs has always been determined to accompany enterprises, creating the most favorable conditions on the basis of the provisions of the law, central and local rules, and regulations on management of IPs for enterprises to implement investment projects, production and business activities in Thai Nguyen province. The Authority has well performed the planning and infrastructure development of IPs; investment attraction; protecting the environment and land. To constantly improve the quality of operations, attract investments, create the most favorable conditions for businesses to operate in the province, the Authority of Thai Nguyen IPs always focuses on promoting reform of administrative procedures, improving the quality of handling administrative procedures to serve organizations, individuals and businesses when they come to explore and invest in IPs in the area; advising provincial leaders to organize meetings and dialogues with businesses to listen to and solve business problems. Those positive activities are always recognized and highly appreciated by investors.

Thai Nguyen province currently has seven concentrated IPs and one concentrated information technology park with a total area of ​​nearly 2,600 hectares (five IPs have infrastructure and investors), and 35 industrial clusters with a total area of ​​over 1,335 hectares. Up to now, it has attracted 239 investment projects with a total registered capital of US$8,662 billion and over VND16,000 billion. In particular, Thai Nguyen province attracted 139 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with a total capital of US$8.7 billion; attracting domestic investments with a total capital up to hundreds of thousands of billion dong in various fields. So far, 5 of 7 IPs have been invested in infrastructure in a synchronous and modern direction and put into operation (Quyet Thang IP is attracting infrastructure investors, Phu Binh IP has just been added to the planning), attracting 240 projects with the occupancy rate reaching 61%. In particular, the occupancy rate of Zone A - Diem Thuy IP reached 100%, while Song Cong II IP achieved the occupancy rate of 96.81%, Yen Binh IP reached over 92%. The annual revenue of enterprises in the IP is over US$30 billion and more than VND8,000 billion, creating jobs for nearly 100,000 workers with an average income of VND6.8 million/person/month. This is an important resource, creating a driving force for the province's socio-economic development in recent years. Thanks to good management, the IPs operate very effectively, not only creating stable jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers, but also annually paying nearly 50% of the total budget revenue of the province. It is the result of the right guidelines, open and clear policies, especially the cross-cutting point of view of accompanying businesses and investors of the provincial leaders, as well as of the Authority of IPs in Thai Nguyen province.

Even when the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic is complicated, in order to maintain effective and smooth operations for "both pandemic prevention and working", it is important to actively propagate and recommend organizations and individuals to increase the use of online public services, receive documents and return results via the public postal service, maintain all necessary activities but still ensure their work meeting the standards in pandemic prevention according to the Government’s direction.

Along with the role of accompanying businesses, the Authority of IPs regularly inspects and supervises the activities of enterprises. Thus, it can have timely measures to avoid great risks affecting the environment, people and the operation of enterprises in the IPs.

The Authority of Thai Nguyen IPs has achieved a lot of success in the state management of IPs, helping enterprises to operate effectively in production and business, attracting more investment projects, contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the province. Not settling for the achieved results, the Authority of Thai Nguyen IPs determines that it is necessary to make more efforts, increase innovation and improve creativity to accompany and actively support businesses.

Specifically, in the coming time, the Authority will actively build strategic projects with high socio-economic efficiency to promote investors, at the same time, it will create favorable conditions and timely solve problems, remove obstacles and difficulties, create trust and help enterprises in the IPs continue to develop production and business, actively contributing to the socio-economic development of Thai Nguyen province.

By Vietnam Business Forum