Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center: For Better State Administration of Construction Quality

9:07:46 AM | 1/3/2022

Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center, established on September 24, 2003, is a non-business agency under the Department of Construction. After nearly 20 years of development, the center has built a solid position in the construction industry in Thai Nguyen province as well as in the northern mountainous region, and has been an active and dynamic member of the Vietnam Accreditation Network.

Well completing all tasks

Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center is assigned to test constructional quality, determine physical and mechanical criteria of material samples; inspect and evaluate constructional quality; consult construction investment; provide judicial expertise in construction; train personnel and grant certificates for the construction industry.

Currently, the center has seven professional departments with 46 employees. Since its inception, it has always successfully completed all assigned tasks. Its working performance has been raised year after year in both quality and value to meet all requirements of investors and customers. Then, employee incomes have increased quite high.

Staffed by highly qualified engineers and technicians and furnished with modern equipment, Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center provides survey, inspection, assessment, judicial expertise and commissioning services for complete products, incomplete products and construction materials of projects inside and outside Thai Nguyen province, which are accepted and appreciated by investors. Its outstanding strengths in advising construction investment include making construction investment reports; assessing engineering designs; estimating total costs; verifying construction technical design documents and total cost estimates; preparing bidding documents and bid evaluations; and consulting project supervision and management.

In 2021, the center carried out some large projects such as a high-tech project on rearing pigs and chickens in combination with concentrated agricultural and forest trees, production and forestation of microbial fertilizers in Minh Lap commune, Dong Hy district; a project on road construction from Yen Binh to Thai Nguyen - Bac Giang; a project on pavement upgrading for old National Road 3; a project on power grid upgrading for old National Road 3; a project on operation management of wastewater treatment system in 2021; and a project on VSS office construction in Dong Hy district and in Vo Nhai district.

In addition, the center fulfilled unexpected political tasks assigned by the Provincial People's Committee and the Department of Construction: Inspecting construction projects under Decision 1548/QD-UBND of Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Committee dated May 15, 2021 on inspecting and urging settlement of residential projects and urban areas in Thai Nguyen province (18 residential areas and urban areas); inspecting troubled works caused by mining activity; inspecting houses affected by construction activity and site clearance; and appraising geological surveys. At the same time, the center helped verify some other construction consulting documents assigned by the Department of Construction.

With creativity, effort and flexibility in operations, in 2021, despite being affected by the pandemic, Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center still achieved and exceeded most of its targets: Making output value of VND16.1 billion, equal to 108% of the full-year plan, up 11% over 2020; revenue of VND17.5 billion, equaling 100% of the yearly plan and 103% of the value in 2020; and tax payment of VND1.8 billion, equal to 100% of the yearly plan and 103% of the outcome in 2020.

Not only executing construction investment projects in the province, Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center also expands its activities to other provinces such as Bac Giang, Bac Kan, Cao Bang and Nghe An. The center regularly coordinates closely with the State Authority for Construction Quality Inspection under the Ministry of Construction and actively takes part in joint activities of the Vietnam Construction Quality Assurance Network.

Ongoing improvement of operational performance

Mr. Duong Dinh Son, Director of Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center, said that in recent years, with an open policy, Thai Nguyen has achieved outstanding results in socioeconomic development and become an attractive investment destination for many projects. This has enabled the center to have many development opportunities.

To meet the increasing social requirements and construction regulations, the center always defends accuracy, publicity, transparency, harmony and fairness among the government, investors and people. Hence, the center strengthens its prestige and position among investors and authorities at all levels. The center aims to become one of the top leaders of quality inspection, assessment, judicial expertise and construction consulting in Vietnam.

In 2022, the center targets an output value of VND14.79 billion, including VND3 billion from construction quality control and testing. Employees’ average monthly pay will be over VND5.6 million. The unit will strive to make a profit of VND500 million in the year.

To accomplish these goals, in the coming time, the center will continue to implement many solutions to boost capacity and operational efficiency and affirm brand reputation. It will focus on improving professional qualifications and professional ethics; investing in equipment, machinery and laboratories; and strengthening inspection and control of product quality.

Furthermore, Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center will also pay attention to investment for continuous updates of specialized software used for structural calculation, detailed estimation, administration - accounting, and planning in order to raise the quality of construction consulting products. There are specific solutions and measures to control and increase the quality of design consultancy, construction supervision consultancy, assessment consultancy, bidding consultancy and project management consultancy. At the same time, it will continue to perfect and maintain the Product Quality Management System according to ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 17025 standards.

Last but not least, the center will perfect, innovate and improve management capacity; train and drill its employees to raise their professional capacity to catch up with national and international general development trends. At the same time, it will better advise and assist the Department of Construction to upgrade State management of construction quality in Thai Nguyen province.

Not only affirming its prestige in construction inspection, Thai Nguyen Construction Quality Accreditation Center also assesses and inspects equipment and factories of many enterprises to provide unbiased information for export partners, thus affirming its prestige and capacity to businesses, especially foreigners .

By Vietnam Business Forum