Developing Urban Infrastructure System Rapidly and Sustainably

9:04:09 AM | 11/3/2022

In the past years, Long An province has made remarkable achievements in urban planning and development, creating a spacious and modern new urban area and improving the quality of people's lives.

The achieved results also have especially significant meaning, step by step orienting the locality to invest in construction, completing the criteria and standards, improving the existing urban centers and developing new urban areas. In particular, Tan An city is the center of politics, economy, science, technology, culture and road network of the province. Kien Tuong town is the central city of Dong Thap Muoi region of the province. Hau Nghia, Duc Hoa, Ben Luc, Can Duoc and Can Giuoc are urban areas in the key economic region of the province and in the area adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City. The look of urban areas in Long An province has changed markedly. Many projects have been built, creating a new spacious, clean and beautiful landscape with a flourishing urban appearance, contributing to local socio-economic development and improving people's lives in the area. Urban infrastructure development is a task that has been paid special attention by the entire political system of Long An province, the goal is to gradually complete the criteria for technical and social infrastructure in the urban areas, improving the quality of people’s lives.

In order to develop urban infrastructure in a fast and sustainable direction, Long An has focused on solving difficulties and inadequacies, mobilizing all resources to build a synchronous transport infrastructure system to serve industrial and urban development in the key economic zone of the province. The Construction Department has actively cooperated with relevant localities, departments and sectors to focus on implementing a number of key solutions in order to improve the urban quality. It has inspected, guided and supported the approval of large projects’ planning, projects of industrial parks - clusters, residential and urban areas; adjusting and supplementing the Housing Development Program in Long An province for the period 2020-2025, with vision to 2030; making an annual and 5-year housing development plan in Long An province (for the period 2020-2025); completing the construction and operation of the real estate market information system in the province. It has also advised on solutions to manage 20% of the land fund for social housing development according to current regulations. It has coordinated with relevant agencies to control the healthy and stable development of the real estate market; continue restructuring the real estate market in association with the implementation of the national housing development strategy, especially social housing; overcome the supply-demand mismatch; and develop diversified real estate products.

The province has improved construction management, quality management, and construction maintenance; and improved the efficiency of project appraisal, design and cost estimation, inspection and acceptance. The Construction Department focuses on reviewing and advising amendments, supplements, and promulgation of new legal documents of the province in this field in the direction of reforming administrative procedures, increasing the attractiveness of the investment environment to mobilize more resources for urban infrastructure.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hung, Director of the Department of Construction of Long An province, said that planning, program development and implementation plans were also breakthrough solutions for each locality to use as a basis for building local investment plans and investment policy. It is especially important to make regional planning, zoning planning, detailed planning as a basis for urban development, expansion and upgrading; attracting investment, granting permits and managing construction accordingly. The urban planning must ensure quality, vision and approach, one step ahead in the direction of sustainable cities such as green cities, smart cities, and climate change adaptation. After the planning, governments at all levels will make investment plans in each stage to implement social infrastructure works in approved new urban and residential projects to form urban areas synchronous in infrastructure ensuring compliance with the general planning.

The Department of Construction has advised raising the professional level and skills of civil servants in the field of construction management and urban development from the province to the locality. It has improved the quality of consulting activities, promoted administrative reform and attracted investment under the "electronic one-stop-shop" mechanism in all fields. It has effectively operated the quality management process of administrative procedures, quickly solved procedures and problems for licensed projects, creating favorable conditions for investors to implement their projects in the province. It has promoted propaganda and encouraged social communities and organizations to cooperate in building a civilized urban lifestyle, protecting the environment, and creating a green - clean - beautiful focus in leadership and administration in planning, urban development, and construction investment management in the area. It has step by step completed detailed zoning plans, especially the key areas of urban development and synchronously implemented projects associated with the urban development program, completed the criteria for urban upgrading according to the roadmap approved by the Provincial People's Committee. "Through a synchronous infrastructure investment strategy, reasonable support policies, and good exploitation of potentials and strengths, Long An has risen to become a ‘bright spot’ in attracting investment in the region, especially attracting foreign investment, as in 2021 Long An was the province attracting the largest FDI investment in the country, " said Mr. Hung.

By Cong Luan, Vietnam Business Forum