Nam Dinh Garment and Textile Urban Area Modernity in Deep Traditional, Cultural Values

9:46:21 AM | 18/7/2022

Nam Dinh Garment and Textile Urban Area, a key project invested by Nam Dinh Textile and Garment Urban Development Joint Stock Company, a member of Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex), is built in the heart of Nam Dinh City, a project described not only to clear a seriously polluted area that existed for decades but also significantly upgrade the urban infrastructure system of the city, the well-known hub of textile industry, conserve and embellish cultural and historical values to bring a modern, green, clean and beautiful living environment with many cultural and sporting facilities for local dwellers.

Covering 25.03 ha, Nam Dinh Garment and Textile Urban Area, divided into three phases of development, has completed 60% of the total project area with many fully invested social and public utilities such as flower gardens with many shade trees and ornamental trees, Kotonkin Stadium, and a primary school which has been completed and handed over to Nam Dinh City for enrollment right in 2022. In addition, many other social, cultural and public utilities in the urban area have also been well received and appreciated by residents. The company is also completing final procedures to start construction of Center Point Trade and Service Area on Tran Phu Street, a project believed to be a distinctively styled highlight in the locality.

Preserving and embellishing cultural and historical values is also of great importance to the company. The Memorial of Vietnam Textile and Garment Industry, which solemnly preserves memories of Uncle Ho's visits and industry development history, and Flower Garden 25-3 where there is a tropical almon, a historical mark of the struggle for freedom of Textile Factory workers during the revolutionary climax of 1930-1931, are well invested, embellished and upgraded to serve the people.

While excellently doing successful business and paying handsome tax to the local budget, the company also regularly joins social security events launched by the province. Every year, the company sponsors a New Year Market and various sports and cultural competitions in the province and supports the fund for Vietnam's sea and islands. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company actively funded prevention efforts, including money, medical equipment and supplies worth nearly VND3 billion, thousands of facemasks, and even joined hands with the frontline force to fight the pandemic.

In particular, the company has always accompanied the Nam Dinh Study Promotion Association to donate a handsome amount of money to the scholarship fund to support poor students with strong study performance to continue their education and success in life, an action for a bright future for young generations of the province.

When carrying out the Nam Dinh Garment and Textile Urban Area Project, the company has been always cared for and supported by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council, the Provincial People’s Committee in addition to quick, valuable support from relevant departments and agencies to speed up the investment progress to bring the project into operation soon and reduce cost and time for administrative procedures. In the coming time, the company will follow directions of all tiers of government, mobilize resources, effectively work with Nam Dinh Textile and Garment Corporation to complete factory relocation on the remaining project area for construction investment according to the approved master plan to complete and hand over the project to the city for administration.

Nam Dinh Textile and Garment Urban Development Joint Stock Company, with its sincere thanks to all stakeholders and relevant agencies, is confident that it will continue to receive practical support and further care from local authorities to have a greater opportunity for bigger contributions to local socioeconomic development and urbanization, make its brand name more sustainable on the market and better support social, community and charity events in the locality.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum