Industry and Trade Sector: Many Business Support Solutions

3:38:29 PM | 20/9/2022

Given post-COVID-19 epidemic economic recovery, the Phu Yen industry and trade sector has been carrying out consistent solutions to remove difficulties and support enterprises to improve their production and business capacity and seek market expansion. Vietnam Business Forum reporter has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Director of Phu Yen Department of Industry and Trade.

What solutions and activities has the industry and trade sector advised and implemented to improve the business investment environment in the past time?

Siding with the business community, the industry and trade sector of Phu Yen province has actively helped them deal with difficulties and obstacles. First of all, the sector has assisted them in trade promotion, market search, export promotion and international economic integration. It has especially updated customs clearance at northern border gates for them to take the initiative in production and business.

Besides, it has regularly grasped local business performances to advise and propose the Provincial People's Committee on troubleshooting solutions; and updated support mechanisms and policies of central authorities to enterprises.

The sector has also facilitated investors to carry out their projects engaged in new energy and renewable energy; develop wind power plants, solar power plants, biomass power plants, and waste-to-electricity energy projects; build the smart grid system, and ensure safe power supply.

In addition, the sector has stepped up information technology application and settled 100% of administrative procedures in time. It has also coordinated with relevant agencies to reduce inspections in enterprises and supported them to invest and apply modern manufacturing machinery and equipment, and improve designs to enhance competitiveness of industrial and handicraft products.

In addition, the sector has actively worked with relevant agencies to assist businesses to overcome difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic; timely updated support regulations and policies on employees and employers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; policies on debt repayment rescheduling, interest and fee exemption and reduction; and policies on tax and land rent reduction. The Department of Industry and Trade directed Phu Yen Power Company to support enterprises with electricity price reduction from January 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021 with the aid value of VND26.65 billion for 260,774 customers.

After nearly two years of carrying out the Phu Yen e-commerce development plan in the 2021-2025 period (Plan 181/KH-UBND dated September 30, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee), what outstanding results has Phu Yen province achieved?

The domestic e-commerce market has grown rapidly in recent years. The department advised the Provincial People's Committee on Plan 181/KH-UBND dated September 30, 2020 on Phu Yen e-commerce development in the 2021-2025 period and on its annual implementation plans. Up to now, after nearly two years of implementation, the province has achieved some outstanding results.

First of all, it supported companies, particularly producers of locally distinctive products, OCOP products and typical industrial products, to promote and introduce their products and take part in online multi-channel sales systems by building websites, fanpages and booths on domestic e-commerce platforms such as, and

Specifically, in 2021, the department supported Ngan My A - a fish sauce producer in Tuy Hoa City, Luong Thi Huynh Triem - a producer of Faimy cereal powder; Hoa Dong Agricultural Service Trading Cooperative - a producer of Hoa Dong lotus seed powder, Xuan Son Nam Agricultural Service Trading Production Cooperative - a producer of turmeric starch.

Besides, the department organized an online conference on supply and demand connection in Phu Yen - Da Nang - Kon Tum (attended by 50 companies, including 21 from Phu Yen province, with 20 memorandums of understanding signed). The sector has coordinated with the Vietnam E-commerce Association - Da Nang Chapter to open a training course to develop branding and online marketing skills for 100 trainees from management agencies, enterprises and cooperatives.

The department also regulated and upgraded the province's e-commerce platform at So far, 100 businesses with nearly 300 products are available on the platform, including 27 OCOP products and 67 typical rural industrial products.

In general, e-commerce has developed well. Manufacturers and consumers have realized the demand for e-commerce as it has created a new channel for them to find and expand consumer markets, and provided favorable conditions for consumers.

Could you please describe the potential and approach for the province to draw investment capital into industry, trade and services in the coming years?

Phu Yen is connected to North - South Railway and the important road traffic network comprising National Highway 1A, National Highway 1D, National Highway 25, National Highway 29, National Highway 19C. Road tunnels of Ca Pass and Cu Mong Pass enable the province to connect smoothly with the Southern Central Coast, Central Highlands and Cambodian Northeast. Thus, the province can both meet the market demand for advantageous products, and link and cooperate with other provinces to develop industry, trade and services.

Phu Yen has an average temperature of 27°C, annual rainfall of 1,800mm, sunshine hours of 2,467 hours, average daily radiation intensity of 5.38 kwh/m/day and average wind speed of 5-7m/s. This offers huge potential for wind and solar power development.

Besides, the province can form raw material areas for processing industries such as planting fruit trees, sugarcane, cashew trees, rubber trees, grass for animal husbandry, growing forests with cattle farming to facilitate the development of processing industries.

Phu Yen has a 189-km coastline and 35,000 square kilometers of sea waters with 16 islands (many having huge potential for tourism development like Cu Lao Mai Nha, Hon Nua, Hon Chua, Hon Dua and Hon Yen),  46 beaches (with 20 beautiful beaches and many lagoons and bays like Xuan Dai, Cu Mong, O Loan and Vung Ro) ideally valuable for developing upmarket tourism.

The coastal area has many estuaries and brackish water tidal flats of 21,000 ha for developing aquaculture and constructing fishing wharfs and ports for industrial, commercial and service development, and offshore wind power.

In addition, the province has 151 ore sites, including metallic minerals (like gold, silver, bauxite and iron), industrial minerals (like diatomite with the largest reserves in the country, fluorite and cement additives), and construction materials (like sand, gravel, clay and paving stone), for making various many products for domestic and export markets.

Phu Yen province is home to five large-scale industrial parks and 13 smaller industrial complexes with a total area of over 888 ha for industrial projects.

In the coming time, the sector will attract more investment capital in industrial production, with focus on renewable energy, agriculture, forestry and fishery, export production, supporting industries, building materials and digital technology. Besides, the sector will gradually shape a synchronous and modern service network such as marine and logistics services; and form commercial centers, supermarkets in urban centers and concentrated residential areas, seafood markets, and fishery logistics service centers.

What do you think about the Business Support Policy Index of Phu Yen province? What solutions is the Department of Industry and Trade carrying out to increase its scores and rankings?

The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2021 of Phu Yen province scored 64.17 points, an increase of 1.33 points and seven places over 2020, and ranked No. 35 out of 63 provinces and cities in the country. Among 10 component indices, the Business Support Policy Index scored 7.35 points, an increase of 2.09 points from 2020, rising 40 places to rank No. 16 out of 63 provinces and cities.

These results proved efforts of the province and the sector in carrying out timely and effective business support solutions.

In the coming time, the industry and trade sector will continue to support enterprises to join more deeply in global value chains, boost trade and export promotion; organize industrial promotion; assist manufacturers to upgrade machinery and equipment to improve product quality and competitiveness.

Thank you very much!

Thanh Loan(Vietnam Business Forum)