Science and Technology - Driving Force for Sustainable Growth

3:05:27 PM | 21/9/2022

Science and technology (S&T) affirms its great role and strength in industrialization and modernization and serves as a key driving force for sustainable development. Being properly aware of the importance of science, technology and innovation, all levels and branches of Phu Yen province have placed a premium on leading and directing scientific and technological research and application with positive results.

Mr. Duong Binh Phu, Director of the Phu Yen Department of Science and Technology, said scientific and technological activities are typically engaged by all the Party, authorities, sociopolitical organizations and enterprises, thus bringing new technical advances into production and life and creating a driving force for rapid and sustainable socioeconomic development.

In the 2016 - 2020 period, scientific and technological contributions to economic growth measured by the Total Factor Productivity Index (TFP) reached 32% (the target of 30-32%); scientific and technological research, application and development in various fields were promoted towards effective application in production practices and life. Particularly, the acceptance and handover of 78 out of 102 scientific and technological tasks, or over 70%. Applied scientific and technological research tasks were closely linked to local socioeconomic development tasks, focusing on powerful areas such as crop varieties and livestock species in agriculture; State scientific, technological and innovation management; intellectual property, radiation safety, standards, measurement and quality; scientific and technological market formation; pharmaceutical production; and branding for economically valuable products.

Scientific and technological activities are increasingly linked with socioeconomic development. Specifically, the province rapidly brought scientific and technical advances into production life, deployed and scaled up research outcomes into practice; supported companies to develop intellectual property and affirmed its role in improving business performance and economic competitiveness.

Determining that science, technology and innovation will become a main driving force for rapid and sustainable economic growth and Phu Yen development, the Steering Board under the Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 11 on “Scientific and technological innovation, development and application” to socioeconomic development. After that, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan 209 on implementation of Resolution 11 in order to develop and apply science, technology and innovation and transfer technical and technological advances; focused on digital innovation and transformation; and actively applied achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Mr. Duong Binh Phu said, sticking to resolutions, the scientific and technological sector will propose key solutions to focus resources on carrying out major scientific and technological development orientations and national scientific and technological tasks; continue to improve the province's scientific and technological potential and train scientific and technological human resources; and invest in modern infrastructure and equipment for scientific and technological research and application.

Besides, the province will develop the scientific and technological market, enterprises and services; review and supplement business support policies; build the innovation startup ecosystem; strengthen the capacity to approach the Fourth Industrial Revolution according to the Prime Minister’s Directive 16/CT-TTg dated May 4, 2017, through scientific and technological tasks of the province.

At the same time, the province will build e-government and digital transformation in administrative agencies and businesses; foster regional and international scientific and technological cooperation and development, especially by institutes, universities and enterprises in locally favorable fields like clean energy, renewable energy and environmental protection in order to improve scientific and technological levels in Phu Yen province.

Source Vietnam Business Forum