Ninh Thuan SpecialtiesDesires for Market Extension

3:26:24 PM | 6/7/2007

Ninh Thuan grapes: Finding true value
In windy and dry Ninh Thuan, you will be surprised at the local specialties. Together with the sparkling salt fields are green vineyards. Compensations of the sunny and windy climate, the bunches of grapes are juicy and plentiful. The delicious grapes, grown in the dry and hot soil, are like the famous hospitality of Ninh Thuan's people. In addition to fresh grapes, the locals also brew unforgettable grape treacle and grape wine by traditional, simple methods.
For many farmers in Ninh Thuan Province, grape cultivation provides both sustainance and an income throughout their lives. Mr Nguyen Van Moi, known locally as Mr Ba Moi, is such a person. Ba Moi brand safe grapes are favourite products of southerners. In Ba Moi vineyard, we see the densely packed NH01-48strain vineyard is ripening. The juicy, oval grapes look like purple drops of sunlight. The entire vineyard is carefully tended. Vine-growers are pruning ripe grape bunches for supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City.
The price of fresh grapes from Ba Moi vineyards is a third of those from Thailand, and his vineyard bears 1.2-1.5 tonnes per acre. No pesticides, sugar content of 18 degree brix and flavour are the three golden principles attracting a market share for him. Since early 2006, Mr Ba Moi has been planning to build a grape wine brewery to add momentum to the local wine industry. So far, he has registered brands, packages and designs for his wine under Vietnamese standards. Ba Moi branded grape wine is now known by consumers in Ninh Thuan Province and other localities. Currently, he is managing a showroom in Ho Chi Minh City.
He also plans to work with local enterprises to manufacture new products from grape powder, grape treacle and grape wine. Ba Moi products have received certificates of merit and Beffot community export certificates.
The desire of Mr Ba Moi and other vineyard owners is that local competent organs and authorities increase the popularity of grapes, spread new techniques for grape cultivation, exchange experience and seek new consumption markets.
Sheep and goat: sweet sweat
Sheep can be seen everywhere in Ninh Thuan Province, from the mountains to the delta and coastal areas. The total current sheep population is 41,000 heads. Sheep in tropical areas are bred for meat, not for fur. This is actually a valuable specialty. In addition to sheep, horned cattle are also well suited for Ninh Thuan, with nearly 60,000 goats and 108,000cows. At present, horned cattle in Ninh Thuan Province are mainly raised with natural feeds. Recently, several households have shifted to using both natural feed and industrial feed. In 1997, there were 97 cattle farms, but now there are 520 cattle farms. These farms generate average income of VND50 million. In previous years, many farmers became rich with a stable cattle price. However, the price of goats dropped and local farmers are now encountering some difficulties. The local government has supported and encouraged farmers to maintain effective breeding methods. Hopefully, Ninh Thuan farmers will recover their position in horned cattle husbandry.