Trung Nguyen Builds US$40M Coffee Factory in Daklak

4:15:40 PM | 12/6/2009

The Trung Nguyen Coffee Joint Stock Company June 6 kicked off construction on a US$40 million coffee processing factory at Tan An Industrial Complex in Central Highlands Daklak province.
Once operation in late 2010, the 7.5-hectare factory is expected to roast, grind and package 60,000 tons of coffee a year using technology from German company Verfahrenstechnik GmbH.
It will be the largest coffee processor in the province, Trung Nguyen affirmed.
Trung Nguyen added that it intends to invest in the latest vacuum steaming and drying technologies in an effort to improve the quality of its Robusta products for export.
The company will also install an instant coffee production line that uses the most advanced drying technology, unprecedented in Vietnam.
Trung Nguyen had plans to improve coffee quality, give a boost to the Vietnamese coffee brand name in general and its own, and help increase the country’s coffee export, now worth US$1.9 billion.
Export of coffee beans now totals 900,000 tons but is expected to diminish, giving way to processed products.
The company has been setting up a fund to support sustainable coffee planting, providing VND15 billion (US$8.3 million) annually. (Vietnam Economic Times, Young People)